Mixed Tool Sets

Mixed tool sets are sets that come with a number of different tools inside. These sets are useful to keep at home to help you do repairs around your home and teach your kids how to do home improvement work, too. They also provide professionals a portable tool kit they can easily carry around to their various job sites.

What do you consider when buying a tool set?

When you are buying a tool set, there are things to look at and consider to help ensure you get what you need.

  • Brand(s): One thing to consider is the brand name of the tool set. Craftsman is just one of the trustworthy names in this industry. You'll also find mixed lots that include tools from manufacturers like Stanley. Some of the other names that you'll want to keep an out for include Kobalt, Milwaukee, and Snap-On. You'll also want to look at whether the mixed lot includes tools from different manufacturers. Some may include a few pieces from one company and one or more pieces from other companies.
  • Types of tools: The type of tools included with that set let you know what you can do with the kit. An automotive kit comes with ratchets and other tools that you can use for making repairs on your car. Other sets come with basic handyman tools like hammers and screwdrivers.
  • Number of tools: Just because you see a 300-piece tool kit, this doesn't mean that you'll find 300 different tools. You might find that the individual components like bits for a drill or screwdriver heads count towards that final number. Make sure that the kit comes with supplies you can use for your jobs.
What type of cases come with these sets?

The type of case that some manufacturers offer may make some sets more appealing to you than others. A soft-sided case is one that looks like a gym bag or a duffel bag. It has a large space inside and may have pockets on the outside. These bags are harder to organize because you won't have designated spaces for each tool. That is why some prefer tool sets that come with a hard-sided case. These cases have some type of locking mechanism on the front that keeps it from accidentally coming open. A hard-sided case also has individual spaces and slots inside for each tool in the set.