Hanes Men's Underwear

Hanes Men’s Underwear

Hanes has been producing underwear since the company was founded in 1901. The company offers underwear for both men and women. Hanes men’s underwear offers briefs, boxers, and boxer briefs.

What styles of underwear does Hanes offer?

Hanes offers boxers, briefs, and boxer briefs. Within each style are several options.

  • Boxers: Boxers are offered in tagless options and are constructed from a woven cotton blend material. This underwear features Hanes’ ComfortFlex waistband and is cut for movement. Many styles also feature Hanes’ FreshIQ technology for advanced odor protection and gapless flies. Boxers are available in sizes small through 5XL.
  • Briefs: Briefs are available in ComfortSoft cotton fabric and feature either a ComfortSoft or ComfortFlex waistband. Many briefs feature a traditional fly, but some styles are also made without one. Hanes briefs are available in low, mid, or full rises to work with a variety of garment choices and may also feature FreshIQ technology to protect against odors. Briefs are available in small through 5XL.
  • Boxer briefs: Hanes boxer briefs come in styles like long leg boxer briefs, ComfortFlex waistbands, and breathable mesh boxer briefs. X-Temp boxer briefs are constructed of temperature-adaptive fabric. Hanes also offers performance boxer briefs constructed from moisture-wicking material. Many styles are constructed from cotton or mesh and may feature ComfortSoft cotton or ComfortFlex waistbands. Boxer briefs are made in short, regular, and long lengths, and many styles also feature FreshIQ technology. This underwear is available in small through 5XL.
Are their advantages to wearing boxer briefs?

Boxer briefs are generally considered more supportive than other men’s underwear styles. They combine the coverage of a pair of boxer shorts with the fit of a brief. They can be worn for sports activities and are typically constructed out of breathable and sweat-wicking materials.

How do you find the correct size underwear?

Finding the correct size is essential for daily comfort. If you regularly purchase the same brand and style, continue to order the same size. If not, you will need to measure your waist where your pants would normally sit. This will give you the measurement for your underwear. You will then need to refer to a sizing chart to find the correct size. If your underwear is constantly riding up or falling down throughout the day, you may need to move down a size. If they are squeezing your thighs or waist, you may need to look for a larger pair.

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