Headlights for Audi A6

Do these parts fit your vehicle? Find out now.


Now in its 4th generation, the Audi A6 is produced by the German manufacturer Audi and succeeded the Audi 100. The headlights of the Audi A6 standout and enable the driver to better see the road and objects in front of them in the absence of natural light. All the models are fitted with High-Intensity Discharge (HID) projector headlights.

What are the features of the Audi A6 HID headlights?

In recent years, HID lights, also known as Xenon lights, have picked up great popularity over the standard halogen projector bulbs that come as default lighting in most cars. The rising popularity is largely because of their bright light, which is three times brighter than that of halogen bulbs. They are also energy efficient and last longer.

Another amazing feature about it is the ability to switch and adjust the lights according to the terrain you are driving on. If you are driving uphill, the standard lights will point towards the sky. This makes it hard to see and is potentially dangerous. Another scenario is when driving through sharp bends. The normal lights will illuminate the path straight ahead, leaving the driver to guess the road’s curve until a complete turn is made. With their adaptive self-adjusting feature, Audi HDI headlights adjust accordingly when driving around sharp corners and along hilly terrain allowing for safer driving.

How do I choose the right Audi Headlights?

Finding the right headlights for your Audi A6 may not be as easy as it sounds. You might be forced to replace your bulb because they are losing their once bright glow, or you may simply want to enhance the front of your Audi A6. Based on your Audi A6 model, you can choose from the several brands of projector headlights on the market. It may be either the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) from Audi or an array of other aftermarket brands.

Other than the model numbers and the year your car was made, you should take into considerations the light limits of your car. The output of the bulbs varies. You can select the level of brightness you need depending on your driving habits and the strength of your vision. The life of the bulbs also varies.

How do I replace the A6 headlight bulb?

After you have purchased suitable replacement bulbs, remove the front bumper on your Audi to access the inner connections. The bumper is mounted on the vehicle using screws. You can easily unmount it by removing these screws. Once the bumper is out, remove the screws that hold the Audi A6 lights to the bezel. You will then see the connecting wires of the bulbs. Disconnect them and remove the burnt out bulb and install the new one. Restore the cable connections and screw the light back to position. You can also replace the headlights if they have become too foggy.