Headlights for BMW 325i

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BMW 325i Headlights

Headlights are the most important part of your vehicle at night. Not only is it mandatory by law to have functioning BMW 325i headlights, but they greatly increase the safety of your sedan as well. The BMW 325i comes with a reliable set of BMW headlights for all purposes.

When should you change BMW headlights?

It is a good idea to keep a strict schedule of your car headlight changes. You will be able to monitor the status of your 325i and stay current with the most recent BMW headlight updates.

  • Brightness: If the vehicles headlights are dimmer than before, you will need to change them.
  • Updated models: If updated models of BMW headlights have been released, they are good options for your BMW. Usually improvements have been made which should be beneficial.
  • Scheduled changes: Even if they seem to be working properly, the BMW 3 series requires you to change them at regular intervals. Most BMW car dealerships recommend that you swap lights every three years.
What types of BMW headlights are there?

Different types of lights produce different lighting effects in the BMW 325i. Depending on your driving habits and location, you will want to choose an appropriate replacement type for your BMW 325i.

  • Halogen: Halogen bulbs arent as common as they were in past decades, but they remain a powerful choice for your BMW 325i car.
  • LED: LED lights have dominated the market due to their efficiency and brightness. If you are driving on a dark highway, LEDs are fantastic ways to light up the road ahead.
  • High beams: For a sedan, high beams are even brighter than any of the above. They are installed in addition to your standard lights and should be reserved for long stretches of road without any traffic.
How do you change a BMW 325i headlight?

Changing the headlight of the BMW 3 series is a painless task. The headlights are designed to be easily replaceable, and this replacement procedure can be executed without any true expertise.

  • Removal: Remove the dust cover and power collector from the car headlight. If these are still attached, you wont be able to access the interior of the device.
  • Align bulb housing: Remove the bulb housing with a gentle twist. With the open socket, replace the housing until it clicks. Use an HID kit for convenience.
  • Insert bulb: Insert the new bulb and cover it with the protective sheath. If the bulb wont fit, use an HID kit to squeeze it in.