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BMW X5 Headlights

The BMW X5 is a midsize luxury crossover vehicle. Headlights available for the BMW X5 range in style and function, and they are found from aftermarket providers, second-hand OEM parts retailers, and directly from the BMW manufacturer.

What are halo headlights?

Halo headlights get their name from the circular luminescent rings that provide the light. Halo headlights may also be called halos, corona rings, or angel eyes. BMW introduced this style of headlight in 2000, but the style has since been used for many other kinds of vehicles to add a distinctive look to the front profile of the car. The halo lights may encircle a primary lamp to provide daytime running lights. Halos were first made with halogen lights and fiber optic cables to form the ring and were later replaced by higher efficiency LED bulbs. Some varieties of these headlights use cold cathode fluorescent lighting tubes.

What is a DRL lightbar?

DRL is short for "daytime running lamp.u001a Daytime running lamps come on when the BMW is turned on and help to make the car more conspicuous, even during the day. Lightbars are similar to halo lights but are in the shape of a bar or sometimes a "U" instead of a circle. DRL lightbars also add a distinctive look to the X5.

Can you change the look of factory headlights on a BMW X5?

There are a couple of ways to change the look of your factory headlights. Headlight bezels are accessories that add a different look to the existing headlight. These pieces encircle the headlight but do not in any way hinder the illumination of the lamps. Most bezels are chromed plastic, which adds a mirrored shine and luster along with durability.

Tinted headlight covers can also change the look of your headlights. Covers provide protection for your headlights and are easily replaced in the case of chips or scratches due to road debris. Tints come in a variety of colors, but these are typically for off-road use only as they do affect the luminosity of your BMW headlights.

What are the benefits of projector headlights?

There are several benefits of adding projector headlights to your vehicle, which are listed here:

  • Projector headlights provide more focused light. Elliptical reflectors in the housing of the projector headlight help to reduce the amount of light that scatters and is lost.
  • Projector headlights provide a distinctive look to the front of the BMW, and proper lens positioning makes for better nighttime vision for the driver.