Headlights for Honda Fit

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Honda Fit Headlights

If you’re looking for a stylish subcompact vehicle, then the Honda Fit model, which is called the Jazz in certain parts of the world, may fit your style. This Honda hatchback is available with both automatic and manual transmission and has been available since 2001. Over time, you might want to style your Fit’s headlights, and fortunately, there are several excellent options out there.

What types of bulbs are available for the Honda Fit?

There are a wide variety of lighting options for your Honda Fit vehicle:

  • Halogen bulbs - These bulbs utilize a heated tungsten core that emits a very bright beam that is aided by special gases inside the bulb itself. These provide a pure beam that can shine through fog and illuminate distant objects in front of your Honda Fit.
  • LED bulbs - Light-emitting diode bulbs are steadily becoming a favorite in the auto industry. These are some of the more efficient sources of illumination on the market and they also have a long lifespan. One of the chief advantages of LED bulbs is that the beam produced is some of the cleaner light available so that you can experience clear visibility as you drive.
  • Xenon bulbs - These bulbs provide a high level of brightness that uses xenon gas and two electrodes for illumination. This is actually a type of HID bulb since it uses a gas-discharge method of illumination.
What is the benefit of using an aftermarket option?

One of the features that seems to appeal to many Honda owners is the fact that there are several aftermarket styling options for this vehicle. These include options to add tint to the front assembly of the Honda Fit so that there is a dimmed styling to the vehicle, black housings for the headlight assembly, and unique options for the LED headlights themselves like the “halo angel-eye” design patterns.

How do you change the bulb on your Honda Fit?

Fortunately, switching out the headlight bulb on the Honda Fit is relatively easy. On some Honda vehicles, you’ll have to completely remove the bumper. For the Honda Fit, however, you’ll just have to remove a few clips and move the fender liner, so you’ll need a pry tool or a flathead screwdriver. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Turn the wheel assembly to the right or left if you’re working on the passenger side.
  2. Find the single retaining clip that’s positioned underneath the bulb assembly of your Honda Fit and remove it with your pry tool/screwdriver.
  3. Grab the edge of the fender liner and pull it back so that you gain access to the headlights of your Honda Fit.
  4. Unplug the connector for the headlights. It is a small black box. Next, remove the round rubber seal.
  5. Locate the clip that holds the bulb in place and remove the old bulb.
  6. Put the new bulb in its place, re-clip it in securely, and put everything back including the fender liner and first retaining clip.