Headlights for Hyundai Tucson

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Hyundai Tucson Headlights

The Hyundai Tucson crossover SUVs headlights require maintenance to operate properly. Discolored lenses can decrease illumination by 40%, so it is important to keep them clear. If the fixture breaks on your Hyundai, it can be replaced using a socket set.

How do you change a Hyundai Tucson front light?

When changing lamps on your Tucson SUV, there are three options: halogen, HID, or LED. Halogen is the most commonly used and can last 450 to 1,000 hours. HID stands for high-intensity discharge, and they can last 2,000 hours. HIDs are bright and project light farther, which improves the driver’s visibility, making them more suitable in some conditions over others. LEDs last for about 50,000 hours and produce a bright beam.

To remove and replace the fixture from your Tucson, you will need a socket wrench set. Take care to make sure the Hyundai is securely parked and cannot move.

  • Open the hood of your Hyundai SUV. There are two bolts: one in the front and one on the top of the lamp. Using the socket wrench, remove the bolts. Disconnect the electrical connection, which is plugged into the back of the light.
  • The Tucsons headlight is held in by tabs, so grab it from the front and back and gently rock it off the tabs and out of the car.
  • Balance the new fixture on the Hyundais front bumper and reconnect to the electronic cord, and then push it back into the vehicle. Bolt back in the front and the top, and test the lamp.
How do you clear cloudy vehicle lights on your Tucson?

The sun and the elements break down the headlamps covers over time, causing them to become cloudy and frosted. You may be able to buff out this discoloration on your Hyundai Tucson with a restorative cleaning product. To do this, you will need tape that is safe to use on vehicle paint, wet-dry ultra-fine grit sandpaper, 2000 grit or finer, water, rags, a microfiber towel, and lens cleaning restoration solution.

  • Soak the ultra-fine grit sandpaper in water. While it is soaking, wash the lens on the Hyundai and tape off of the car around the light. With the lens still damp, rub the wet paper back and forth, keeping the lens and paper moist.
  • After one pass, rub up and down across the Tucsons lens, still keeping the lens and paper wet.
  • Test a spot by drying the lens with the rag. If it is still foggy, make another pass and retest. Once the lens begins to clear, dry off. Using the sponge or towel that came with the restoring solution or a microfiber towel, apply the cleaner liberally using a circular motion. Polish the lens with the towel or sponge; the solution is buffing out the small scratches and restoring the shine. This step may take several passes.