Headlights for Lexus IS250

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Lexus IS250 Headlights

The IS250 is a premium compact car produced by Lexus. Featuring a sleek and sporty body, an important feature of the exterior of the luxury Lexus IS250 is the pair of front headlamps. These lights provide a clear view of the road ahead while driving as well as give the front of the car an instantly recognizable appearance.

What headlamps can you purchase for the Lexus IS250?

There are multiple headlamp options available based on your preference. Here are some of the more common options that you could use for your Lexus:

  • HID lights: High-intensity discharge lights, also known as xenon lights or HID lights, give off a cooler frequency spectrum that still encompasses the full frequency range necessary. They give the vehicle a fancier appearance due to the futuristic-looking light emanating from the front of the Lexus.
  • LED lights: These are actually a bundle of little lights packed into a small space. The light from the LEDs is reflected and amplified within the cup of the assembly before projecting onto the road. Because of their lack of filaments, LED lights use far less energy than other options and have increased life expectancy.
  • Halogen lights: These lights use small bulbs filled with halogen gas that is heated and lit up using a tungsten filament. While halogen lights do produce full-spectrum light, their life expectancy is the shortest of all the options presented here.
  • Fiber optic lights: A variant of the LED light, the fiber optic lights are long strings of tiny LEDs that are lined up in order to create more light. Designs of fiber optic lights are far more noticeable than those of halogen or xenon lights.
When should you replace your Lexus IS250’s front lights?

The lifespan of headlights greatly depends on what type of lights you are using. If you are using the standard HID headlamps on your Lexus, the estimated life span is around 3,000 hours of constant usage. This equates to about 90,000 miles of constant driving with the lights on. It is unlikely that you will have to replace HID headlamps more than once over the life of your Lexus sedan unless they get damaged. If you’re using LEDs, the lifespan is around 12 years. Halogen headlamps have the lowest life expectancy, coming in at around six years. With these estimated life spans in mind, you should know when to start checking your front lights for signs of fading or darkness.