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Mazda Miata Headlights

All different styles of headlights are available for the Mazda Miata vehicle, including specialized, factory, projector, LED, DRL bar, halo, and sealed beam models. Fog lights and daytime running lights are also available. Different kinds of bulbs can be used to illuminate each.

What kinds of specialized and factory options are available?
  • Miata specialized varieties come in different colours and lenses. Bezels range from different colours of grey to other dark colours, to clear. Lenses vary similarly. Some are tinted darker while others remain clear. The combination of bezel and lens gives the product a different look than factory or standard versions.
  • Factory models for Mazdas are typically a standardized bezel with a clear lens to keep a consistent, bright look. Reflectors are sometimes used in factory models to further redistribute shine for oncoming traffic to see more easily.
What are Miata projector headlights?

Projector is an umbrella term to describe all different types of beams that focus shine more narrowly to make them brighter than normal. These types of designs are especially useful for vehicles that drive frequently in the dark or during inclement weather and conditions with little visibility.

  • Halo models are another type of projector model for a Mazda Miata. These use a ring around the outside of the light that can be tinted bright white or a variety of colours, like blue and purple, to narrow shine and act as high beams for increased visibility and illumination.
  • DRL bar options are one type of projector design for a Miata roadster. They use a bar at the top of the design to project and narrow it. The bars can be seen from a distance and act as a beacon or a warning in bad weather or total darkness.
What are sealed beam headlights?

Mazda sealed beam designs have a reflector, filament, and lens sealed together as a single entity rather than being comprised of separate parts. These are an older style that is still utilized because of its functionality and practicality. The built-in reflector splits shine being produced to amplify it.

What are fog and daytime running lights?
  • Mazda fog lights are used to see, predictably, in fog or haze. They are positioned low on the car and emit a flat beam of shine that can be more helpful than standard headlights in very low visibility conditions.
  • Daytime running shiners on Mazda Miatas serve to illuminate the front of the car during the day for maximized visibility and safety. They make it easier for other drivers to recognize your vehicle and avoid colliding with it.
What types of bulbs are used?

Shiners can use LED, incandescent, or halogen bulbs. LED bulbs are typically small, energy-efficient, and long-lasting. Incandescent bulbs are thought to be the standard bulb; they give off a more yellow hue than LEDs, which burn bright white. Halogen bulbs use a capsule of quartz to house the filament, and burn extremely brightly.