Headlights for Subaru Legacy

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Subaru Legacy Headlights

With standard all-wheel drive and an engine that delivers real power, the Legacy from Subaru is a premium sedan model with something for every driver. Express your personal style with just the right headlights for your Subaru Legacy. In addition to providing a sporty or luxury touch to your vehicle, Subaru Legacy headlights help you drive safely at night or during low visibility.

What does 147000LM mean?

The "LM" after the number stands for lumens, a measurement denoting amounts of light emitted. Fortunately, most headlights emit an enormous amount of lumens, more than required to effectively illuminate dark roads on cloudy days. Some Legacy headlight bulb types emit more lumens per watt of energy consumption. However, the overall amounts of emitted light are comparable between headlight bulb types and usually range in the hundreds of thousands.

Are Subaru Legacy xenon and HID the same?

Xenon and HID headlight assemblies are both compatible with the Subaru Legacy, but they are slightly different bulb types. Xenon bulbs contain xenon, a noble gas surrounding two electrodes housed within a tube. The electrodes are usually made of tungsten, and the tube is most often quartz. The noble gas helps create an initial electrical spark that arcs between the electrodes, causing light. The gas also lengthens the lifespan of the electrodes while keeping the glass bulb from burning or discoloring.

HID is similar to xenon bulb technology. The electrodes within HID bulbs are closer together, and the gas inside the quartz tube may be xenon or vapors of mercury.

Are there extra bright Legacy bulb types?

Most headlight bulbs generate hundreds of thousands of lumens, which is plenty. Differences in bulb types dont necessarily indicate degrees of brightness. The differences pertain to how the bulb produces light. For example:

  • Halogen bulbs contain a tungsten filament that glows when electricity heats it up. The halogen redeposits melted tungsten back onto the filament, prolonging the filaments working lifespan.
  • LED, or light-emitting diodes, feature two lead semiconductors whose recombined electrons and electron holes give off light after electricity courses through the semiconductors.
  • Cold-cathode fluorescent light bulbs contain a phosphor coating on the inside of the bulb that glows when it reacts with ionized mercury vapor.
Why should you get a ballast?

Most aftermarket Subaru HID headlights include a ballast. This is true of both manual and automatic transmission models If you purchase HID headlights that do not come with a ballast, purchase a ballast separately. The ballast and the HID bulbs internal gas create the initial spark of electricity that arcs between the electrodes, resulting in light. The ballast also prevents the bulb from burning out prematurely. Without a ballast, HID bulbs emit light for a few hours as opposed to the standard 2,000 or more hours.

In addition to the benefit of longevity, HID bulbs tend to undergo a positive, desirable shift in color at the 150 to 200 hour mark, going from yellowish to crystal blue. This shift will not occur without the ballast.

What Subaru bulb sizes can you choose from?

Every standard size headlight bulb is compatible with the Subaru Legacy vehicle, although you may need to convert your Subaru housing to accept a new bulb size, including dual beam. In general, the Subaru Legacy headlight assembly contains H7 bulbs, but you can convert to:

  • H3, H4, H8, H9, h20, h21, h23
  • D1S, D2S, D2C, 880
  • HB1, HB3, HB4, HB5