Headlights for Toyota RAV4

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Headlights for Toyota RAV4

Whether you opt for the gas, diesel, or hybrid model, your Toyota Rav4 is built for adventure. Whats a good adventure, though, if you cant see where youre going? With the right headlights for your Toyota vehicle, youll be on your way to your best adventures yet.

What are some features of a Rav4s headlights?

Whether youre out for a night on the town or youre on a backwoods trek, you need your Rav4s headlights to perform. Some features of headlights for Toyota RAV4 include the following:

  • Custom-styled: Your Rav4s headlights are perfectly engineered to blend smoothly with the rest of the body. This seamless flow provides you with a great look and great aerodynamic performance for your Toyota SUV.
  • Large size: To light up even the darkest of back roads, your Toyota vehicle features large headlights to brightly illuminate a large area, making sure you dont encounter any surprises.
  • All-day light: Keep yourself more visible to the drivers around you, no matter what time of day it is, with integrated daytime running lights
  • Durable: Your SUVs headlights are designed and engineered to be durable even in tough driving conditions. Plus, the precision-cut weather seals help prevent condensation from entering the fixture.
What styles of headlights are there for a Rav4?

In addition to the different types of bulbs, there are two types of headlight styles for your standard or hybrid Toyota.

  • Classic: A direct copy of the headlights that came on your Toyota Rav4 from the factory, offering all the important benefits listed above.
  • Black Bezel: Offers all the great benefits of the classic headlights but with a sporty black bezel design to ensure you stand out from the crowd. This model also features a grayed-out turn signal for an extra bit of mystery.
How do you replace a headlight on a Rav4?

Whether your current headlight has been broken, become scuffed up, or youre just ready for a change, replacing your Toyota Rav4s headlight fixture is an easy process that will provide great results.

  1. Remove the cover over the headlight connecting brackets by removing the attachment clips.
  2. Disconnect the brackets by removing the bolts holding them in place.
  3. Remove the bolt and clip holding the forward fender panel in place to loosen the front fascia.
  4. Disconnect the power to the headlight and push the headlight away from the center of the vehicle, then pull it forward once its out from behind the front fascia.
  5. Install the new fixture by sliding it in and pushing it toward the center of the vehicle. Re-connect the power and check for proper operation and then re-install the bolts on the connecting brackets. After that, re-install the bolt on the forward fender panel.