Hobby RC Boat & Watercraft Models & Kits

Hobby RC Boat and Watercraft Models and Kits

Collecting and racing remote control vehicles is a lot of fun, and boats and other watercraft are a particularly special choice. There is nothing quite like the feeling of directing a remote control boat model on a lake or a stream. There are many models of RC boats to choose from, and all of them have unique advantages.

What kind of fuel does an RC motor need?

There are three main fuel types that an RC vehicle will generally use, and boats are no exception. The first and simplest is a battery-operated one. You just plug it into the charger and let the battery fill. When it is done, you can run the vehicle until it needs charging again. Boats that use gasoline have to be filled up when they need power. The same goes for a motor that uses nitro or glow fuel. Electric boats don't require you to buy fuel or carry it around, but you do need an outlet for a source of electricity.

Especially for boats that are on the smaller side, you need to keep in mind that fuel takes up mass on board the craft. As you use up more fuel, it will change the weight distribution of the boat and affect its balance, steering, speed, and how it reacts to wind or waves.

What kinds of remote control boats are there?

Remote control boats come in all kinds of different designs. There are traditional ones like sailboats, speed boats, and tugboats, there are more exotic craft like submarines and catamarans, and there are inventive choices like hovercraft. Each type of remote control boat handles quite differently.

Some, like catamarans and speed boats, are intended for high-speed games and even races. Others are built to explore, to ride currents, or just to have a good time maneuvering on the water. RC boats do not have to account for the weight and space of a human driver and all their needs, so their designs can be more extreme and less safety-oriented for their weight. A few models have extras features you can control like torpedo firing or a particularly powerful engine that might be best for specialized roles.

Think about why you want an RC boat and what you most wish to do with it on the water to help guide your decision about which one to buy.