RC Car, Truck, and Motorcycle Models and Kits

If working on cars is one of your hobbies, RC racing can let you build your dream car, navigate a Traxxas monster truck over challenging terrain, or race a high-performance Losi buggy around a manicured course. Everyone from beginners to advanced RC car enthusiasts will discover a wide assortment of RTR and kit-based cars built for racing hobbyists.

What is an RC vehicle?

RC stands for radio controlled. RC cars are also referred to as remote control cars. Your RC can be a sports or racing car, a 4x4 truck, monster truck, or even a buggy. These products are typically operated via a handheld radio control and range from toy-grade to highly sophisticated machines.

What are RC kits?

In the RC world, the abbreviation RTR stands for ready to run or roll. When you buy an RTR electric car, its prepared to operate right out of the box. Sometimes a minor task, such as hooking up a battery, will be required for RTR vehicles. RC kits, on the other hand, are entirely or partially disassembled for the hobbyist who enjoys building and customizing their own piece.

What distinguishes an electric RC vehicle?

Most toy-grade and entry-level remote control cars are electric, which means that the RC car or buggy is powered by a battery. That power is sent to a brushless motor, which moves the wheels, and an ESC or electronic speed control is used to control the throttle of the electric vehicle. This battery may be rechargeable; it can either be taken out and placed on a charging station, or the car may offer a charging outlet built into the vehicle.

What distinguishes a fuel-based RC car or truck?

Fuel-based cars and trucks use an engine as opposed to a brushless motor. An engine in a Traxxas monster truck, for instance, may run on nitro fuel, glow fuel, or traditional gas. Nitro remote control cars often operate at high speeds and torque. A nitro engine also has more maintenance requirements than an electric setup requires.

What does scale mean in the context of RC hobbies?

Scale is a modeling term that indicates the size relationship between a model and the real-life car or truck its modeled from. Since not all RC cars and monster trucks are modeled after actual vehicles, the scale can also reference the general proportion to other RC trucks and cars within a scale. Common hobby RC scales used by brands like Traxxas, Kyosho, and Losi include:

  • 1:8
  • 1:10
  • 1:12
  • 1:16