Hobby RC Model Vehicle Parts & Accessories

RC Model Vehicle Parts and Accessories

RC cars, trucks, and other vehicles offer hobbyists many possibilities. Whether you want to race faster or climb bigger hills, there are parts to help you do that. Choose from wheels, tires, motors, batteries, and much more.

Which parts are compatible with which models?

Some RC products are made as stock replacements, and others are made so that enthusiasts can enhance and customize their RC cars and trucks in many different ways. One way to tell that a part is appropriate for a vehicle is to ensure that it matches the part number for the part youre seeking to replace or upgrade. In cases where matching part numbers might not be an option, you can find parts by looking for:

  • Vehicle class: buggies, touring cars, and monster trucks
  • Scale: 1:8, 1:10, or 1:12
  • Engine type: nitro or battery-powered
What is scale and how does it affect part selection?

Scale is a measure of the size relationship between a model and a real-life subject. Many RC vehicles arent replicas, but scale is still used in order to provide classification. A GTP racing competition, for instance, may be limited to 1:12 cars and thus wouldnt permit 1:10 and 1:8 cars. Scale is also an important consideration when choosing parts. If, for example, you are seeking new shocks for your 1:10-scale Traxxas E-Maxx, you need to match the scale to ensure a proper fit. Otherwise, the part may be too large or too small.

What kinds of RC accessories are there?

There are two types of accessories: first-party and third-party. Replacements and upgrades made by Traxxas for the Traxxas Stampede, for instance, are first-party. Products made for the Stampede by other companies are third-party. Some of the major brands that make first- and third-party accessories include:

  • HPI
  • Tamiya
  • Team Associated
  • Team Losi
  • Traxxas
Can any wheel size fit on any RC vehicle?

Yes, most wheels fit most axles. Usually, you want to match wheel size to scale, but there can be situations where you want oversized or undersized wheels. Just be certain to choose your tires that fit your RC vehicle.

What dictates compatible battery sizes?

Battery limits arent model- or scale-specific, but are dictated by the thresholds of your brushless motor and your electronic speed controller. Choosing a capacity outside that range can impact performance. If you prefer a larger lithium polymer battery, you need to also upgrade your motors and ESC as necessary.