Honda Motorcycles

Honda Motorcycles For Your Use

You have many choices when choosing a Honda motorcycle. The assorted models include many choices that are ideal for not only street use, but also for motocross or motorsports activities. Be aware of the many Honda options that make for a huge part of what is available for your use.

Touring Bikes Available

You can find some attractive sport touring bikes from Honda, including the Gold Wing and Interstate. Touring bikes are made mainly for basic road use.

Such touring bikes offer strong bodies. The Honda Gold Wing includes a 1833cc liquid-cooled engine and a six-speed overdrive transmission.

Get Off-Road With Adventure Bikes

Honda also makes off-road bikes that bring you to many exciting places. The Africa Twin is one such model to see as this one features a large skid plate and wider wheels for moving around. You may find some OEM parts like a larger windshield depending on what you might find.

Enjoy a Good Honda Cruiser

Cruiser motorcycle models are designed with regular street use in mind. You can find an Interstate or Stateline bike. The Shadow is also attractive if you want a mid-range Honda that isnt too strong but still offers a fuel-injected setup. The CA and CB lines of bikes are worth noting, although the CBR and CBX versions offer more power.

What are Some Popular Dual Sport Honda Models?

You can also find a Honda motorcycle that is made with street and off-road use in mind. The XR and CRF lines of motorcycles are popular for offering lighter engines that are easier to handle while including five and six-speed transmissions for moving your motorcycle forward.

Are Honda Scooters Available?

You can also find a few motorcycles made with scooter functions in mind. The Super Cub has made a name for itself as a popular Honda model. Some features include:

  • A lightweight body
  • 50cc to 125cc engines available
  • Comfortable design

What Are Some Classic Honda Bike Styles?

Every customer on the market for a Honda motorcycle should look beyond the latest choices. Some classic options date back to the 1960s.

  • Classics from the CB line are available on the secondary market.
  • The Interceptor line of racing bikes still looks similar from the 1980s.

Many older bikes come with smaller engines and can be used as scooters for basic road use. You can also find some larger Honda motorcycles that were made with racing needs in mind. Either way, the diverse array of bikes that you can find when looking for Honda motorcycles deserves to be noticed.

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