Hoods for Honda Civic

Do these parts fit your vehicle? Find out now.

Honda Civic Hoods

The Honda Civic has many options when it comes to modifications for looks and performance. If you want to change the exterior look of your Honda by changing out the hood, or if you need to replace it due to damage, there are several options that will fit your car.

Are all Honda Civic hoods the same?

There are actually many different types of Honda hoods for the Civic. Some are factory-made and are designed to be an exact replica of the one that originally came on your Honda Civic. Other aftermarket parts have different styles and can be used to enhance the look and performance of your Honda. Styles will also vary based on the trim type and year of the Honda Civic you own.

How do you choose parts for your Honda Civic?

The most important aspect of choosing among the different Honda hoods is knowing the model year and trim level of your Civic. The compatibility for parts may vary between the coupe, sedan, hatchback, and other body styles. The specifications for Honda Civic parts depends on this information, so it is important to look for parts made for your model year and trim to ensure the replacement hood you select will have a precise fit.

What are some different hood styles for the Honda Civic?

There are many options when it comes to hood styles for the Honda Civic. Some are designed to add an element of style. There are also factory-made options that are identical to the original hood that came on your vehicle. In addition to the hood itself, there are various accessories that are designed for use in the installation process. These accessories include the release latch, release cable, spacers, and other items. Some of these options include the following.

  • Carbon fiber: Lightweight but durable, this material adds a unique look to your Honda Civics hood.
  • Racing style: This type of hood is sleek and stylish and decreases wind resistance while driving.
  • Scoop: This helps get air to the engine for improved performance.
  • Steel: This hood has a traditional look and is heavy and durable.
  • Hood accessories: Latches, clips, cables, and other necessary items for installation.
How do you install a new hood?

The installation process can be quite simple, especially for those with knowledge of bodywork. Most hoods install onto the Civic with bolts. If you have no damage on the hood hinges or bolts, you can simply reattach your new hood. It can be helpful to have assistance from another person as the hood can be heavy and awkward. Once you have the bolts partially tightened, you can adjust them as needed for a secure fit. The latch may also need some slight adjustments. This process can also be completed by your local body shop.

Do Honda parts come with the hardware needed for installation?

If you are ordering a new Honda hood, it may come with the bolts you need for installation. When ordering used Honda hoods, you should be aware that bolts and hardware may not be included. If youre replacing your Honda Civic hood for aesthetic reasons and have no damage to your hinges or hardware, you can use the existing bolts. Otherwise, you can purchase the hardware separately.