Home Hot/Cold Water Dispensers

A water dispenser is a convenient way to have cold, room temperature, or hot water readily available. Whether you place it in your home or your office, the dispenser will make things easy. Water dispensers can operate with a water bottle or can connect to a water supply allowing you to choose what works best for you.

What is a water dispenser?

A water dispenser is a water-dispensation appliance. They come in 2 primary forms: bottled and bottleless. A water dispenser that is bottleless is connected to a water supply while the bottled one will require you to pick up the bottles from your preferred vendors or you can have them delivered to you on a regular basis. A dispenser can be wall-mounted or free-standing. Other types include direct-piping water dispensers, tabletop water dispensers, and bottom-load water dispensers.

What is a bottleless water cooler?

This water cooler, unlike the bottled one, does not require a bottle for holding the water to dispense. Instead, it is directly connected to the water supply and will provide cold, room temperature, or hot water on demand and according to its features. Unlike when using bottled water coolers, you cannot run out of water because of the direct supply. Additionally, they add convenience because you do not have to carry heavy bottles.

How do dispensers work?

Dispensers have thermally insulated tanks with heaters. The heater works to keep the water in the tank hot. When you press the handle, hot water flows from the dispensers spout, and cold water flows in. When you release the handle, the valve closes, and the dispenser ceases to produce hot water. The cool water in the tank is then heated up to approximately 94-degrees Fahrenheit to be ready for the next use. Other dispensers can release cold, warm, and hot water. Other models also have filtration systems that help in removing contaminants such as odor, toxic chemicals, chlorine taste, parasites, and dangerous minerals. The filtration methods used by dispensers include the use of activated carbon, reverse osmosis, and ion exchange.

What are point-of-use water dispensers?

These are also known as direct-piping water dispensers, and they make use of already existing water supplies. They are common in both offices and homes. These systems heat and cool water using electricity before dispensing it. The water is filtered before dispensation. A point-of-use water dispenser has the following parts:

  • A water heater and a tank
  • A water heater
  • A refrigeration system
  • A filter and a tap/spigot
  • A water-releasing knob/button