Hunting Bags & Packs

A hunter often requires easy access to a lot of gear and equipment, especially on longer excursions. Plus, if you're going to be out on a hunt all day, there are items you may need to keep in a day pack for hydration and nutrition. Hunting backpacks come in many colours, sizes, and designs, to function for different hunting trips.

What are some styles of hunting backpacks and carryalls?

Backpacks come in many different sizes and styles. Depending on what and where you're hunting, you may consider any of the following:

  • Backpack: This is an all-purpose carryall that has many uses for hunting, camping, and other activities.
  • Tactical duffel: These work well as day packs or range packs, and they have many pockets for organization.
  • Handgun pack: This is sized to carry one or more handguns plus some ammo or other essentials.
  • Rifle pack: These have many have pockets to carry ammo as well as room for rifles or shotguns of various lengths.
  • Fanny pack: For those going on short trips, fanny packs are ideal for carrying a few necessities to keep within reach.
What colours and patterns do outdoor bags come in?

These carryalls are available in many different colours and camouflage patterns. You can find hunting packs in black, grey, sand, brown, or green. They also come in brighter colours like blue and pink. You can find a camo pattern that matches your camo clothes for extra invisibility in the woods.

What are some features to consider in a day pack?

One of the most helpful features in a backpack is adjustable straps. These can help ensure that you're able to carry the backpack comfortably. Another useful feature is a separate zip pocket where you can keep important items like your phone or keys. You might also look for a carryall with durable hardware and zippers that will last through many seasons of outdoor use.

How much can a typical hunting backpack hold?

The amount a hunting pack can hold depends on the size of the pack. The hunting backpack style carryalls can hold drinks, snacks, a change of clothes, and other essentials. The smaller options are designed to hold a gun, ammo, and some other small accessories. Tactical duffels can hold several handguns, ammo, hunting accessories, and much more gear.

Do hunting bags and packs have other uses?

Since hunting packs are often made of durable materials, they can be used for many types of outdoor activities. They are ideal for camping or hiking if you need a pack with lots of pockets to store your food and drinks. Many day packs have outside pockets for storing a bottle of water. These carryalls also work well as range packs for when you're going to the shooting range and need a secure place to carry all your ammo and gear.