Hunting Clothing, Shoes, & Accessories

People who regularly hunt will need clothing that meets a few unique requirements. In addition to helping the hunter blend into nature, hunting clothing also needs to be comfortable and weatherproof. Hunting clothing is available as shirts, pants, jackets, jeans, boots, sweaters, and hats, so men and women can find the perfect outfit for hunting all types of game.

What colours and patterns do hunting clothes come in?

Hunting gear is available in the following colours:

  • Forest camouflage: Standard camouflage for hunting is a pattern that mixes together images of leaves, bark, sticks, and moss in shades of grey, brown, and green.
  • Safety colouring: Most game animals can only distinguish blue, yellow, and green, so they do not notice oranges and reds. Therefore, hunters often pick bright orange safety gear that alerts other hunters to their presence without startling prey.
  • Neutral colours: Not all hunting gear is patterned. Deer and other prey typically will not spot hunters who wear grey or brown.
  • Winter camouflage: This looks similar to forest camouflage patterns, but it is primarily white and light grey to help hunters blend in with snow.
  • Marsh camouflage: Hunters who are hunting waterfowl use more linear, brown camouflage that is a mixture of reeds, grass, and sticks.
Does hunting clothing have special features?

Clothes for hunters do not just provide basic camouflage and comfort while sitting still for long periods of time. Hunters can also find items with these features:

  • Scent control: Tight weaves and special materials help to keep animals from smelling humans.
  • Waterproof: If you hunt in damp areas, waterproof fabric and shoes are important for comfort.
  • Heat retention: Certain synthetic fibers can trap body warmth for people who hunt in the winter.
  • Easy to clean: Cloth with stain-resistant or washable properties will help to keep hunting gear from smelling after hours of use.
What accessories do hunters need?

In addition to standard shirts, pants, and other hunting gear, hunters also use these helpful accessories:

  • Balaclavas: Balaclavas snugly cover all of your head and face while leaving an open area around the eyes for better vision. They help you to dress warm and stay hidden.
  • Waders: If you hunt along water, tall, rubber wading boots will keep your feet and legs dry.
  • Belts: Utility belts provide space for extra pocket knives, bullets, and other hunting gear.
  • Gloves: Cold can make hunters' hands too stiff to work properly, so gloves are essential.
  • Hats: A hat with a brim will help to keep the sun out of your eyes, so you can aim properly.
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