Rossi Hunting Gun Holsters

Rossi was founded in 1889. This company produces a variety of different rifles, shotguns, and revolvers that are used for hunting. If you're in need of replacement Rossi hunting gun holsters, these questions and answer may help you.

What are the uses of a Rossi hunting gun holster?

Revolvers made by this company are frequently used on farms and ranches. In this application, handgun owners openly carry their weapons for quick access. If a predator appears unexpectedly, carrying a pistol in an external holster allows farmers or ranchers to access their handguns in the blink of an eye.

What types of materials are Rossi holsters made from?

Holsters that fit guns made by this company are constructed from a variety of different materials, some of which are listed here:

  • Leather: Leather is the material most commonly used for open carry holsters. Leather is a durable and all-natural substance that is also used for concealed carry holsters.
  • Imitation leather: Artificial or imitation leather is an alternative to real leather. Artifical leather is also preferred by those that object to the use animal products.
  • Nylon: Nylon is a durable artificial substance that is commonly used for concealed carry applications.
What types of Rossi hunting gun holsters are there?

This company makes a wide variety of different types of weapons, and each handgun requires a different type of carrying device. Here are a few of the holsters that are most commonly used with handguns made by this manufacturer:

  • Ranch Hand: The Ranch Hand, also known as the Mare's Leg, is a type of long handgun. This lever-action handgun is too large to fit in a normal holster, so various specialized carrying devices have been made for the Ranch Hand. Some of these devices attach to your shoulder, while others connect to your belt loop. Still, others strap directly around your leg. Most of these carrying devices are equipped with leather straps at the end.
  • IWB holster: IWB stands for "inside waistband." These types of carrying devices are placed inside your belt and waistband for concealed carry applications. A clip connects to your belt to keep the handgun in place.
  • Shoulder holster: These types of carrying devices loop around both shoulders and are threaded through the right-hand and left-hand sides of your belt. These carrying devices can be used for open carry or concealed carry.
  • Open-top belt holster: Open-top handgun carrying devices sit on the outside of your belt. These holsters mold to the contours of your handgun and are open at the top for quick access.
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