Hunting Knives and Tools

Guns aren't all you'll need when out on a hunting trip since a good hunting knife has far too many uses to be left behind. Unlike traditional cutlery equipment, these kinds of blades can do almost any job whether it's skinning, whittling, or cutting. A hunting knife is a great asset to any hunter while out in the woods, picking up the slack that your other equipment can't handle.

What kind of knives make good hunting knives?

There are a variety of knives you could potentially use while out on a hunting trip with different choices working in different situations. For instance, certain knives are made specifically for gutting animals, while others are for boning, and still more are for finishing them off. Still, others are made to be weapons for hunting. As each kind of knife is specialized for a certain task, many hunters even elect to bring several different kinds of knives with them. Here are a few knife types that could work well on your next hunting trip.

  • Camp: Camp knives are all-purpose knives designed to do various tasks around the campsite. Short and slim, they're good for activities like whittling wood, gutting fish, and more.
  • Caping: Caping knives are short and thin, utilizing a curved blade with an upturned point. They are used for caping an animal or removing the skin on the neck and head for making trophies.
  • Bowie: Bowie knives are large, fixed blade weapons with a clipped point. Originally used for combat, they're good for killing animals and can cut through small branches.
  • Skinning: Skinning knives have short, thin blades and a razor-sharp edge. Due to the fact they're used to cut the skin off of animals, many feature textured or non-slip grips to help the owner keep a good hold while covered in blood and other fluids.
  • Buck: Buck knives are designed with a folding blade, often considered a style of pocket knife by many. They feature a short blade with a clipped point and are good for tending to campsite needs like cutting ropes and branches.
What are some uses for hunting knives on a trip?

Hunting knives of all kinds can be of use to you during a camping trip. Outside of those specialized for different tasks, a general all-purpose camp or buck knife is great for many tasks. Many people use them when cutting ropes while setting up tents or for removing small branches from areas to make fires or clear space. They can also be used to kill an animal you've shot and incapacitated and can even take the place of a more specialized blade when cutting apart the carcass in a pinch. They even work well when gutting and boning fish.