Hunting Knives & Tools

Whether you want to go fishing, camping, or doing some bushcraft, you could use a hunting knife. There is a variety of types of hunting knife from which to choose, including pocket knives, utility knives, multi-tools, and fixed blade knives. They are available in different brands, including Case, Cold-Steel, Gerber, and Kershaw, among others.

What are different types of the hard use folding knife?

A hard use folding knife tackles heavy-duty tasks and targets military applications and bushcraft. It is suitable for these uses thanks to its blade length, edge shape, strength, and grip. Different brands of the hard use folding knife include the Zero Tolerance, Spyderco, Benchmade, Ontario, Buck Knives, CRKT, and the Cold-Steel.

  • The Spyderco is slip resistant and has a compression lock. It features a flat ground blade that enables it to cut cleanly through all material. The Spyderco pivot Bushing System makes the opening and closing of the edge smoother.
  • The Zero Tolerance knife contains a thumb disk that enables manual opening of the blade. It has a CTS XHP alloy steel blade that maintains sharpness. Its carbon fiber and titanium handle allow for a firm grip, making it a good choice for a hunting knife.
  • The Cold-Steel Knife features S35VN harpoon-style steel.
How should a Mora knife be selected?

Mora knives give you the ability to handle all daily activities in the wilderness. All Moras look identical at first glance. However, a closer look at them allows you to distinguish between the Morakniv Companion, Morakniv utility, Morakniv multi-purpose, and the survival knife. Selecting a Mora knife involves identifying a suitable size, blade, edge, and handle. This choice focuses on the categories of Mora knives, including fixed blade, kitchen knives, and knifemaking blades. The common handle variants include the Eldris, Kansbol, and Garberg. The following steps are helpful in selecting a Mora knife:

  • Identify your needs and relate those to the different sizes of Mora knives.
  • Consider how the blade design works with your specific needs.
  • Check the grip of the knife.
What are the top choices for a hunting knife?

Your choice of the optimal hunting knife for your purposes depends on the location of your activity. Being in an isolated place for a prolonged period of time requires a durable hunting knife. Among the choices of hunting knife available, in this case, you should consider the Cold-Steel Survival Rescue Knife, Cold Steel Master Hunter, and the Mora. The Cold-Steel knives are preferred by many for their slip-resistant Kraton handle, light weight, and safety sheath. The Mora design is preferred for its full tang, meaning diverse uses, which lets it replace bigger tools like a machete.