Husky Liners Car and Truck Floor Mats and Carpets

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Husky Liners Car and Truck Floor Mats and Carpets

Husky Liners design durable floor mats and liners for a variety of automotive models. Able to handle a variety of conditions while protecting the interiors of cars and trucks, Husky Liners robust floor mats are intended to shield against dirt and debris. With a large variety of floor liners to choose from, Husky Liners offers mats that are intended to suit various trucks.

What types of floor mats does Husky Liners offer?

Husky Liners offers several styles of their robust floor liners to suit a range of vehicles and activities.

  • Classic: Huskys classic style floor liners are contoured to custom-fit a range of automotive models using Husky Liners’ FormFit design. They protect against daily dirt and buildup and feature the company’s StayPut Cleats to hold the liners in place on the floor.
  • Heavy Duty: Huskys heavy-duty floor mats are constructed of the trademarked DuraGrip material and feature deep ridges to hold larger amounts of debris. These mats also feature StayPut Cleats to keep them stationary.
  • WeatherBeater: These Husky floor liners were designed to provide superior floor protection. They feature Husky’s patented FormFit Edge that is molded to keep water and other natural elements inside the boundaries of the mat. This provides superior floor protection for a variety of automotive models.
  • X-Act Contour: Husky’s Contour floor mats provide protection in a stylish, soft, yet rugged package. These feature their signature FormFit design and are constructed of soft, yet protective, DuraGrip material for easy removal and cleaning. These floor mats also feature the patented FormFit Edge to keep dirt and debris contained and StayPut technology to keep the liner in place.
How do you clean Husky Liners protective mats?

To be certain you keep the interior of your vehicle clean, it is recommended to clean your floor liners regularly. To do so, perform the following steps:

  • Carefully remove your floor liners making certain to keep all contents within the liner.
  • Shake the floor liners out and vacuum off any debris.
  • Clean the floor mats with a soft bristle brush and warm soapy water.
  • Rinse off any soap residue and allow the mats to air dry. If your floor liners are extra dirty, use a citrus-based cleaner to remove any tough residue.
Why should you use floor mats in your vehicle?

Using floor mats in your car or truck can help to prolong the life of its carpet. Entering your car or truck with dirt, water, mud, and debris attached to your footwear can take a toll on the interior of your vehicle. Rugged floor liners like Husky Liners protect your carpet from stains and damage. This increases the resale value of your vehicle and helps you maintain a clean and aesthetic car or truck.

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