Girls' Ice Skating Dresses

Whether you want a figure skating dress or basic ice skating dresses, there are a number of dress options you can wear. These ice skating dresses and apparel help you to stay warm while looking cute. Choose from different outfit options to complement your figure while skating across the ice.

What types of ice skating dresses are there?

Figure skating dresses are available in a number of styles. Your figure skating dress can be a single piece, most commonly a dress. The outfit can also include a jacket, tights, or a skirt. From festive ice skating dresses to a warm jacket, you can make sure your figure skating dress is prepared for ice skating.

What are the different styles of ice skating attire?

A skating dress may consist of warm, cuddly plaid. You can choose a figure skating dress outfitted in brilliant, metallic colors. For competitions, you can choose a skating dress that shimmers as you dance as the sequins reflect the light. Meanwhile, your practice attire can consist of a more basic figure skating dress.

  • A-Silhoutte Skirt: This skirt is a perfect figure skating dress. As you twirl, the sides of the skirt flare out.
  • Jackets for the Ice: Stay warm while you are on the ice with a warm coat or sweater. This ice skating outfit is designed with materials like polyester and cotton.
  • Lace Dress for Ice Skating: A lace figure skating dress offers a blend of femininity and style for ice skating. Wear this skating dress for your practice figure skating sessions and skating competitions.
  • Figure Skating Dresses for Competition: Get ready to skate in the next event with a decorative dress. These figure skating dresses include lace, chiffon, sequins, and crystals to make you more memorable during competition.
  • Ice Skating Dresses for Dancing: When you and your partner are skating on the ice, the last thing you want is to have your ice skating outfit get in the way. These ice skating dresses have a flowing skirt and short sleeves so that you can focus on dancing.
How do you choose the right figure skating dress?

Before you skate, make sure your skating dress is the right fit and fabric.

  • Fit: You have to feel comfortable when you skate. This means that your ice skating attire has to be snug but not too snug. Make sure it does not wrinkle or become baggy before you skate.
  • Fabric: The right skating fabric depends on what you are using it for. For practice, you want something warm, comfortable, and long-lasting. When you are competing, you need a fabric type that stands out from the crowd. Some of the skating fabrics available include microfiber, stretch fabric, lycra, and stretch velvet.
  • Arm Length: To look beautiful while you skate, you might want long sleeves on your figure skating dress. Longer sleeves create the image of an elegant, ethereal figure. For dancing events, short sleeves are more convenient.