In-Car Screens & Monitors

Car Video Drop Down, Flip Down & Overhead Monitors

Are we there yet? If you have ever been on a road trip with a child, you have heard those words. With a car video monitor, you may never hear those words again. You can count down the time until you get there by how many movies can be watched during the ride. For example, most movies are 1.5 hours long so a 3-hour road trip means there’s time to watch two movies. Older children can use the monitor to play their favorite video games. Just attach the gaming system and start playing. Whether watching movies, tv shows, or playing games, a car video monitor is a nice addition to your automobile. 

Size Matters
A car monitor can come in various sizes. The most common sizes are between 7 and 19 inches. The size you pick depends on the size of your vehicle and how large of a screen you want. If you plan to put it in a vehicle with third-row seating, a 7-inch unit may be too small for the people in the back row to clearly see the video; you want to go with a larger 15- or 19-inch screen. Of course, if you are installing in a small vehicle, like a Chevy Sonic, the screen will be close to the seats so a 7 or 10-inch would be ideal.

Game Play
A car video screen can be compatible with popular gaming systems such as Xbox and PlayStation. Pre-teens and teens alike love their games and hate to be away from them for any amount of time. Now a road trip doesn't mean hours of watching traffic fly by. Instead it means hours of watching superheroes fly by on the screen. For a loud, action packed game you'll want to make sure you have a unit that is compatible with wireless headphones.

Flip It
The flip down monitor design allows riders to flip it open while in use and then flip it up and out of the way when finished watching a show or playing a game. It is also a stylish design because it seamlessly blends into the ceiling when up. Add in a remote control, and the riders in the back are in control of their own viewing experience.