Industrial Propane Torches

Industrial Propane Torches

Industrial propane torches can be used for a wide variety of projects and tasks around the home. They are useful for jobs such as starting a fire, burning away weeds, or melting ice and snow. Consider what type of job youll be doing with the torch and select an industrial propane torch that suits the specific job.

What kind of propane torch do you need?

What task you need to do will determine which type of torch you need to get. Some propane torches connect to the tank via tubing and have a long pipe between the handle and the nozzle. This keeps allows you to apply heat farther from your body. This makes these torches great for jobs like eliminating snow or weeds. Theyre also good for when you need to start a fire.

Other torches attach directly to the top of the tank and only have a short distance between the handle and the flame. These torches are great for projects where you need to be close to the surface youre heating, such as melting paint or thawing out pipes.

What should you look for when selecting an propane tank?
  • Ease of use: Look at the features of the propane torch youre considering. Some have long nozzles to make it easier to reach the ground and to keep flames further away from you. Some have electronic ignition switches that make the torch simple to light.
  • Included accessories: Some torches come with a variety of accessories, such as different sizes of nozzles and different lengths of piping. Look for a torch that comes with as many accessories as you need to make your job easy.
  • Safety features: Check the safety features listed for the propane torch. Be sure it has a quick shutoff valve that is easy to reach. The nozzle and flame should also be far away from you. Which safety features are important to you will depend on your level of skill and comfort in using a torch. If youre well-versed with propane torches, youll know which safety features you need and which you can do without.
  • Size: Youll need to think about how much fire youll need out of your torch. If youll only be doing small jobs with it, where the amount of heat needed is low, youll need a smaller or slimmer torch and nozzle with a lower BTU rate. If youre going to be doing large jobs, such as removing ice or weeds, youll want a large torch and nozzle with a high BTU rate.