Infiniti Car and Truck Emblems

The Infiniti logo represents luxury and superior performance. Before searching for replacement emblems for your Infiniti car or truck, review your options and pick the right one for you.

What emblems are available for Infiniti vehicles?

Infiniti logos are available in a variety of materials. Depending on the manufacturer, they may require adhesive or hardware to secure them to your car or truck. Logo choices include chrome, billet, and vinyl. Check the model and year to ensure a proper fit. Below is a list of some of the options available to you:

  • Chrome Infiniti: Chrome-plated logos feature identical materials found on your car or truck during its time in the factory. This emblem style fits the grille of your car or truck and requires hardware to install. You will also find emblems with surround-view cameras attached. Occasionally, you will come across chrome script car logos for the trunk or fender.
  • Billet Aluminum Infiniti: These logos are composed of lightweight aluminum. They may need an adhesive or require hardware to secure to the car or trucks front fender or trunk lid. Customarily, they feature a script or nameplate design with the make and model's name. You will also find logo symbols made from this material for the car's grille.
  • Vinyl Infiniti: The logos are constructed from professional grade vinyl for placement on the brake caliper.
How do you remove and install truck and car emblems?

For emblems requiring hardware, you should review the manufacturers instructions. To remove adhesive-backed emblems, you will need a blow-dryer and a piece of string. Use low heat to loosen the emblem from the car. Gently work the string behind the emblem to pry it from the car without damaging the paint. After the car logos are removed, use the following replacement procedures:

  • Clean the car's grille, trunk, or another area to place the logo. Once the area dries, wipe it with rubbing alcohol to prepare the surface for bonding.
  • Place a strip of painters tape on the location for the emblem.
  • Separate the paper on the back from the adhesive.
  • Put the logo in the preferred location and press firmly.
  • Hold the piece in position until it sticks.
What is the difference between OEM and aftermarket car logos?

OEM are letters used to identify logos manufactured for Infiniti. The Nissan company puts the logos on Infiniti cars and trucks during assembly. However, a company with a license from the Nissan Company to produce Infiniti logos is called an aftermarket manufacturer. Ultimately, the logos made by an aftermarket company will fit grilles, fenders or trunks the same as OEM car logos. Similar styles include:

  • Silver car logos with a see-through background.
  • Silver car logos with a black background.
  • Gold special edition car logos.
  • Red sport 'S' car logos with a silver trim.