Inflatable Bouncers

An inflatable bouncer offers fun and excitement for any event. It can be set up at a birthday party, school function, or special event with friends and family. There is a variety of sizes to choose from that will suit the ages of the people using the bounce house and where it will be placed.

What is a bounce house?

An inflatable bounce house is a structure that has air constantly flowing through it so that it will maintain its shape for people to jump or slide on, depending on the type of inflatable. Some inflatable houses look like castles or animals, while others feature a combination of a bounce house and a water slide.

How can you play on a bounce house?

Before selecting a bounce house to jump on, you should consider the event, the ages of the people using the jumper, and the space that you have for the inflatable bounce house to sit. Here are some ways to use a bounce house:

  • Jumping: The basic function of a moonwalk house or a standard commercial bounce house is to allow space to jump.
  • Running in an obstacle course: Run through an obstacle course that features slides, balls in a pit, or hanging objects to get around.
  • Running and bumping: Some inflatable objects look like balls that you stand in while running around. You can hit other people while wearing the inflatable.
Are there other types of houses instead of a moonwalk?

There are several types of inflatable houses. Some have a slide on the side that you can add water to or leave dry. A small bouncer castle sometimes features designs that are attractive to younger children, such as a bear or elephant, and they aren't as tall as a standard bounce house. You can usually find a bounce house that is in the shape of a circle, similar to what a pool looks like. Small plastic balls can be put in this type of inflatable for children to play with. Other types of inflatables include costumes, jungle jumpers, and houses that feature well-known cartoon and movie characters.

What is the age limit for bounce houses?

The age limit for an inflatable bouncer usually depends on its size. A small inflatable would be appropriate for a toddler but not an older child due to how small the inflatable is. Most larger bounce houses, such as a moonwalk or a castle, are suitable for children of any age as well as adults. With such a large variety of inflatables, youre sure to find something just right for your event.