Instrument Clusters for Honda Civic

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Honda Civic Instrument Clusters

The Honda Civic is a compact car that is available in 2-door, hatchback, or 4-door models. The Civic has an instrument panel in the dash to provide you with essential information. Honda Civic instrument clusters can be replaced if the gauges stop working or become damaged.

What is an instrument cluster?

An instrument cluster is the panel that fits into the dashboard of your vehicle. The cluster contains the speedometer and also displays the total miles on your car. The panel can also display low oil, fuel level, revolutions per minute, and other essential information. Some instrument clusters may also tell you other information, like the amount of miles you can travel on one tank of gas. The instrument cluster can be replaced if one or more of the gauges stop working.

How do you choose an instrument cluster?

The most important aspect of choosing parts for your Civic is knowing the model of your car. Its also important to know which type of Civic you have. The parts compatibility may vary between the coupe, sedan, hatchback, and other body styles. The following information can give you a general idea of the years for which instrument clusters for the Civic are compatible. If you have an older vehicle that was made before 1996, there are also panels designed to replace those if needed.

  • 1996-2000
  • 2001-2005
  • 2006-2011
  • 2012-2015
  • 2016-Present
What are some different types of instrument clusters?

There are several types of instrument panels for the Honda Civic. Some parts are factory-made and are designed to be an exact replica of the ones that originally came on your car. These parts will have OEM in the product description, which is an indication of an authentic Honda-made product. Instrument panels that are designed for use in older cars will likely have fewer gauges than newer panels. You can also purchase a panel with LED lights or specific colors on the gauges to personalize the interior look of your vehicle.

How do you install a new instrument cluster?

The installation process can be quite simple, especially for those with knowledge of car mechanics. The panel will be held in by screws, bolts, or recessed clips. When you remove the old panel, you can use an electronics cleanser to clean the contacts to ensure that you have a good connection with your new cluster. This process usually requires no specialized tools and can be completed with a screwdriver, nut driver, pliers, and flashlight.

Do instrument clusters come with installation hardware?

If youre ordering an instrument cluster for your vehicle, it may include the hardware needed for installation. However, you should be aware that hardware may not be included with your purchase. If the existing screws, bolts, or clips for your old cluster arent damaged or worn, they can be reused. Otherwise, you can purchase a set of hardware separately to install your new gauges.