Integrity and Fashion Royalty Dolls

Integrity Toys is a family-owned business that specializes in the design and manufacturing of collectible fashion dolls. Fashion Royalty is but one of several lines of dolls distributed by Integrity Toys. Founded by Percy Newsum in 1995, the company aims to provide a line of 12- to 16-inch dolls with detailed facial expressions that are dressed in clothing and accessories made from uncommon fabrics.

Who designs Integrity and Fashion Royalty products?

Integrity Toys has hired several creative minds over the years, including Jessy Ayala, David Buttry, and Vaughn Sawyer. The Fashion Royalty line of dolls has featured designers such as Jason Wu, who now has his own line of ready-to-wear clothing and has designed fashions for such celebrities as Michelle Obama, Ivana Trump, and drag queen RuPaul.

Are Integrity Toys and Fashion Royalty dolls named?

Each Integrity and Fashion Royalty doll has a unique name, backstory, and clothing collection. For example, the 12.5-inch Poppy Parker is a 1960s teenager with pouty lips and a propensity for school dances and travel. While Poppy Parker can be found in different hair colours and styles, she maintains a youthful presence and style. Véronique Perrin is more sophisticated and wears outfits for everything from a garden picnic with family to a ball gown for a black-tie event. Like Poppy, Véronique has taken on different hair colours and styles over the years. Here are some other Integrity and Fashion Royalty stars:

  • Tubabelle True is the modern-day equivalent to the 1960s-styled Poppy Parker.
  • Jordan Duval is a part-time model and troublemaker with a deep tan and lots of attitude.
  • Adèle Makéda is a cosmetic representative and key player in the beauty industry.
Can Fashion Royalty dolls make poses?

Each Fashion Royalty figure is jointed so that you can pose them to sit, stand, wave, place hands on hips, or clutch a bag; however, the figurines cannot stand without help. A doll stand is required, and some dolls include a stand.

Are all dolls sold with fashion clothing and accessories?

You can find Integrity and Fashion Royalty figurines fully dressed and accessorized or as nudes. The company also markets many outfits and accessories separately. Be careful to match clothing sizes to the appropriately sized doll to maintain fit.

Does the Fashion Royalty line include male figures?

While the Fashion Royalty line is made up primarily of females, the company included a male Perry Marino Strings Attached doll in 2012. Integrity has more males in its other product lines, such as the following:

  • Tate Tanaka, introduced in 2017 to the Industry Collection
  • Cabot Clark, introduced in 2017 to the Industry Collection
  • Tenzin in the House, introduced in 2016 to the colour Infusion Collection
  • Callum Turn It Up, introduced in 2016 to the colour Infusion Collection
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