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Frequently Asked Questions about the Intel Core i7 640M Processor

The Intel Core i7 640M is a dual-core mobile processor designed specifically for laptop and netbook computers. Based on the Westmere architecture, this processor has a base clock speed of 2.8 GHz and 4MB of L3 cache. You can buy new and pre-owned processors on eBay at affordable prices.

Why should you buy a new processor?

The Intel Core i7 640M is a low-cost processor that consumes relatively little energy. It is the first generation of Core i7 processors Intel ever released, and so the architecture and design represent a distinct break compared to previous types of processors. This allows you to get more processing power out of your aging hardware. The 640M contains Socket G1. If you are thinking about upgrading, then you should make sure that your motherboard is compatible with this socket.

What are some features of the 640M?

The 640M processors on eBay are equipped with several types of features to improve speed, efficiency, and security.

  • Intel SpeedStep Technology: SpeedStep is a type of "dynamic frequency scaling" technology. It allows the processor's frequency to dynamically change based on the current requirements of the system. This is done to preserve battery life and lower power consumption on mobile devices.
  • Hyper-threading: Hyper-threading allows a single core of the processor to perform work in parallel. This uses resources more efficiently that otherwise might be idle or underused.
  • Turbo Boost: This technology raises the frequency beyond its normal level when particularly demanding tasks are running.
  • Smart Cache: The cache is a small pool of memory embedded on the processor. Smart Cache technology makes it easier for the processor to share memory between different cores.
  • XD Bit: This technology prevents the spread of malicious code that may try to take over another program's data storage area.
How much power does the 640M consume?

Power consumption is the result of something called the Thermal Design Power, or TDP for short. TDP is a measurement of the amount of heat that the computer's cooling system can reasonably dissipate under normally expected workloads. However, it does not measure the total amount of heat that the CPU can generate. The Intel Core i7 640M has a thermal design power of 35 watts.

Does the 640M come with an integrated graphics processor?

Yes, the 640M is equipped with an integrated "Ironlake" HD Graphics unit. Integrated means that it shares memory with the CPU. The base frequency of the GPU is 500 MHz. The turbo boosted frequency is 766 MHz.

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