Experience the Power and Reliability of Intel Core i5 Processor

When introduced in 2009, the Intel Core i5 was the first processor to use Turbo Boost technology, allowing gamers and computer users to utilize its dormant power to temporarily boost the performance of a PC. If you want to experience the power and reliability of these processors, eBay offers you a chance to get these Intel Core processors at reasonable rates.

What are Turbo Boost and Hyper-Threading technologies?

The Turbo Boost technology is a feature that allows the processor to run faster than its normal speed. The additional speed is attained using available power from the processors whenever these processors are operating at a lower level. In simple words, the processors are forced to run at optimum level after examining the existing power, current, and temperature limits. If the system thinks there is enough available power, it diverts the dormant energy to complete additional tasks. It is noticeable that Turbo Boost is a temporary boost, as the boost duration is determined by the workload and the operating environment.

Similarly, Intel Core i5 is designed to take advantage of Hyper-Threading, which is useful if you need the processor to do multiple tasks at a given time. However, only a dual-core i5 processor will use Hyper-Threading because it acts like a quad-core i5 processor. In contrast, quad-core i5 processors already utilize four cores, meaning that a quad-core processor does not use Hyper-Threading.

What are some features of Intel Core i5 processors?

These processors are built to do powerful tasks, which include:

  • Entertainment hub: Intel Core i5 processors allow four times more pixels on the screen compared to traditional HD video displays. For users, it means they can stream high-quality videos, enjoy virtual reality, and play demanding games.
  • Quick response: The Turbo Boost feature an advanced technology that helps complete various tasks effortlessly so users can move between programs and applications quickly.
  • High-end security: These processors use an extra layer of security compared to their predecessors, including the ability to utilize features such as fingerprint, autofill, touchscreen, and voice commands.
  • Responsive: The responsive architecture of the processor allows users to enhance the battery life of their laptops up to 10 hours.
Is it suitable to use Intel Core i5 for gaming?

You need to remember that the Intel Core i5 processor was designed to run powerful applications. Accordingly, there is no need to underestimate its ability to run heavy computer games. It means that you can use Intel Core i5 processor to run most types of highly intensive computer games without any issues.

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