Choosing LGA 771 CPU Sockets

The LGA 771 interface, also known as Socket J, was launched by Intel in 2006. These components are meant for use as a land grid array and are compatible with numerous processors made by this brand, mostly in the Xeon series. These small but high-performance parts are a CPU interface widely used with many CPUs, which act as the base station for your workstation or server to help you to manage your workload efficiently and smoothly.

What Is an LGA 771 Socket?

Before there was an LGA 771 interface, there was a Socket 604 configuration. This 771 interface has an updated design and added speed, and it can be helpful to be familiar with the basics of what an LGA 771 really is.

  • The 771 in the name refers to how many contact points there are on the socket, which are the portions that fit onto the motherboard. Though previous incarnations of these parts for processors had actual pins, updated hardware configurations do not.
  • When you have an adapter, you can use a 771 in a 775 motherboard.
  • This socket has a 4 MB cache, which is additional memory storage. Other features include 2.33 GHz of performance and dual cores.

How Do You Select Sockets?

There are a few factors that go into selecting the right CPU for your computer, and you'll want to take some of them into consideration as you search for the right socket for your specific needs.

  • You'll need to consider bus speed. This is an important number because the more speed you have, the faster your computer works, and multi-tasking becomes a breeze. Buses are the individual circuits that enable data to travel through your motherboard, and the faster they go, the more efficient your machine is.
  • The number of cores you need depends on your processor. This type of socket supports numerous types of processors, including dual-core processors, quad-core processors, and other multi-core processors. You can choose the right number based on your existing processor for compatibility.
  • Clock speed determines the rate at which the microprocessor operates. This is measured in GHz, and as with most other measurements, the higher the number, the speedier the processor is. You'll see options that range from 1.5 to 3.5 GHz and more.

Which Intel Xeon CPUs Are Available?

You have numerous options at your disposal when you're searching for the right LGA 771 CPU for your machine.

  • As a quad-core model, the Intel Xeon processor with the model number X5460 offers 3.16 GHz of clocking and 12 MB of cache. It does not support hyper-threading, however.
  • The X5365 is a processor with four cores and 3.0 GHz. It has an L2 cache of 8 MB and a bus speed of 1333 MHz.
  • You can select a dual-core option when you pick a 5148 CPU with 2.33 GHz and a cache with 4 MB. This processor also offers two cores.