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Interior Door Panels & Parts for Mazda 3

The Mazda 3 compact car was first introduced as a 2004 model, offering a sporty feel and responsive vibe as well as practical driving convenience. The Mazda 3 comes in five-door hatchback and four-door sedan models, and it also comes in several trim lines that offer different premium and sports features. There are an array of replacement parts that you can use to repair your interior door panels and other parts and bring them back to good working order if something is amiss.

What replacement parts are available for Mazda 3 doors?

Whatever is concerning you about your Mazda 3s doors, there are suitable replacement parts to deliver a reliable fix. Some available parts include the following:

  • Door panels: Including the armrest and storage area and serving as a home for an array of controls, the interior door trim panels for the Mazda 3 both protect the vehicles insides and offer a comfortable space for your ride.
  • Door handles: These internal door handles can be pulled to swing open the Mazda 3s doors. They are designed to fit into the cars handle wells.
  • Wiring harnesses: These collections of wires connect your Mazda 3s door to the electrical system of the car. The harness ensures that the power locks, power windows, and speakers receive proper electrical power.
  • Speakers: The speakers for your Mazdas sound system are embedded in the front and rear door panels. If your speakers are damaged, you can replace them.
  • Lock actuators and mechanisms: Lock actuators keep your Mazdas locks functioning, ensuring they stay closed and open properly in response to the use of keys, switches, or power mechanisms.
How do you change the door panel on a Mazda 3?

You can find an array of trim panels for the interior of your Mazda 3. When selecting door panels, make sure to choose ones that fit your specific vehicles trim line and model year or even VIN. This ensures that youll have a good fit that restores the appearance of your car. Door panels come in colors that reflect original Mazda interior colors, including black, tan, and gray. You can find door panels fitted for the driver side front and rear doors and the passenger side front and rear doors. Its important to select the exact door panel that you need.

  • The interior door panel is held in place with ten small clips and two screws. You can begin by sliding your fingers between the panel and the door until you hear a pop.
  • Continue as you "pop" all ten clips and then use a screwdriver to remove the screws in the door handle.
  • Carefully lift the panel away from the door, as cables will remain connected.
  • Once the door is free, carefully detach the control cables from the door.
  • You can use the same type of clips to re-attach your new door panel to the inside of your Mazda 3.