Interior Door Panels & Parts for Volkswagen Passat

Do these parts fit your vehicle? Find out now.

Volkswagen Passat Interior Door Panels and Parts

The door panels inside your Passat are designed to be stylish and sturdy and last for the lifetime of your car. They can get damaged if you have to replace a window assembly or work on speakers and other electrical components in the door. Fixing a damaged vehicle door panel is easy when you know how to replace clips and retainers as well as the panels.

How do you find interior door panels for Volkswagen Passat?

You will need to know the model year and trim level of your Passat. Also, consider which type of door panel you will need, be it front passenger, rear passenger, front driver, or rear driver side. Many clips and retainers work across various makes and models.

How do you check your car door panels for damage?

With the right tools, repairing or replacing a door panel on your Volkswagen Passat is simple. Usually, a flat screwdriver and a socket wrench are all you need. It helps to also have pliers and a putty knife handy.

  • Remove the electric panel and the door handle first. Then, use the 10 mm socket wrench to remove the door screws. Use your fingers or the putty knife to loosen the door panel around the mirror. Then, pull the panel out where it fits into each clip. You can inspect the panel for damage and check for missing or broken clips and retainers.
  • Check your doors for cracks and damage to the hardware to help you determine if you need to replace the entire door panel or only the clips, screws, and retainers. If the panels are loose and will not fit securely into the clips, the panel may be bent or the clips are broken. If you notice that the clips are falling out, check the threading to see if they are worn and need to be replaced.
Should you buy Volkswagen OEM panels or aftermarket parts?

When ordering replacement door panels, you should find out if you are getting new or used parts.

  • OEM parts are manufactured by Volkswagen and meet the same specifications as the factory panels that came with your Passat. In most cases, they will carry the same manufacturers warranty on parts you get from a dealer service department.
  • There are many aftermarket options to choose from for your vehicle. You can also find high-quality performance aftermarket parts. There is also a lot of variability in the price of aftermarket parts so you can have more choices.