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Audi A4 Car and Truck Interior Mirrors

The A4 by Audi is a model of compact executive sedan that features standard front-wheel drive and available quattro or all-wheel drive. It also has a longitudinal front engine, gasoline or diesel fueling system, seven-speed or eight-speed manual transmission, and up to 369 foot-pounds of torque, depending on the engine and transmission type in the vehicle. After an impact or routine wear and tear, you may need to replace the cars interior rearview mirror.

What are the features of Audi A4 interior car mirrors?
  • Tinted for reduction of glare: The glass of the vehicles rearview mirror may be tinted blue or gray to reduce glare when the sun is behind your Audi car.
  • Lights with dimming functions: The rearview mirrors of the sedan may have lights. The bulbs for the lights are typically light-emitting diodes. The lights are available with a dimming function for providing varying levels of brightness in the A4 sedans cabin.
  • Compass for navigation and thermostat for outdoor temperature information: The A4 cars rearview mirror may have a built-in directional compass for navigational needs. It may also have a thermostat that displays the exterior temperature. The direction and temperature are displayed with a liquid crystal display.
How do you choose interior car mirrors for Audi A4?
  • Select the model year and trim level of your A4 sedan: Different model years of these cars have varying standard mirrors and different mounts and fitment requirements. The higher trim levels of the Audi A4 also have different standard and available mirror options, sizes, and styling of the mirror’s housing.
  • Choose a color of the Audi’s exterior housing for the mirror: Some of the available options include white, black, and gray. The color of the mirrors housing is designed to match the trim of the A4s cabin.
  • Select a manufacturer for the A4s mirror: Choose Audi as the original equipment manufacturer of the rearview mirror. You could also choose a mirror for the A4 made by other manufacturers of inside-vehicle mirrors, including IC Beamer. There are also unbranded mirrors that may fit your Audi A4.
What are the types of interior mirrors for Audi A4?

There are several types of interior mirrors that are designed for use in the A4 sedan by Audi. One kind is the base mirror, which provides a view of what is behind the Audi A4. Another type is the compass mirror, which features directional information using the four cardinal directions as well as between-points, such as southeast or northwest. There are also lighted mirrors, which help you to see maps or other items in the interior of the Audi.