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Audi Q7 Car and Truck Interior Switches and Controls

Audi Q7 car and truck interior switches and controls play an important role in controlling the different interior systems of your Audi SUV. When you need to make a selection of replacement Audi Q7 car and truck interior switches and controls, there are many choices to choose from.

What types of switches and controls are there?

There are many types of switches and controls that are compatible with your Audi Q7, including:

  • Push button: These are typically found in controls for your hazard and fog lights. These consist of a simple design where pressing the button will activate the switch. Pressing the button a second time will turn off the light. Some custom switches can also use a push button for engine starts.
  • Rocker: These will be used mainly in the window and lock controls of your Audi. Rocker switches have two controls. When you press the upper or lower portion, one function will be activated.
What features should you look for when selecting a control?

The switches and controls in your Q7 are an easy way of customizing the interior of your vehicle. Some switches feature LED lights that can be customized with a variety of colors and pattern designs. Others feature LED/LCD panels that can provide sensor information while driving. One feature that can be helpful are switches and controls that can be relocated to provide easier access to the controls of your Audi Q7.

What are some tips for selecting switches and controls?

Following these tips can be helpful when you need to make a selection.

  • Select switches and controls that are compatible with your car: You will want to know the make, model, and year of your car. In some instances, you will want to know the production date, as the manufacturer will switch the parts in the middle of the production year.
  • Select a style: You can select from designs to customize the interior of your car or find options that can maintain the stock appearance.
  • Select a brand: You can choose from direct factory replacements or from a variety of third-party companies that produce compatible parts for your vehicle.
What companies manufacture replacement switches and controls for your Audi?

When you need to replace the switches and controls in your Audi Q7, there are many companies to choose from. If you prefer Original Equipment Manufacturer parts, you can choose from parts produced by Audi. With OEM replacements, they are produced to the same factory specifications as the original parts installed in your vehicle. Beck/Arnley, Napa, Airtex, and other companies produce a variety of aftermarket choices as well. However, when selecting from aftermarket switches and controls, you may need to make adjustments so that they fit properly in your Audi. There are also several unbranded choices to choose from.