About Inversion Tables

If gravity is weighing down on you, then you feel it in your joints, your back, and over your entire body. With an inversion table, you spend some time upside down and let gravity pull you in the opposite direction. Being right side up is not all that it is cracked up to be anyway. Hanging upside down allows the joints to decompress so that you can feel relief from back pain and stress. If you are low on space in your home for another piece of equipment, a foldable inversion table collapses for easy storage. Rather than keeping it out all day long, you can slide it under the bed until it is time for use. Additionally, inversion boots take up little space and attach to a beam to allow you to hang upside down. Find an inversion table by shopping the new and used selections available on eBay. Start spending more time upside down, and enjoy the benefits of gravity in reverse.