What to Know About 8-inch JL Audio Car Subwoofers

A subwoofer is a complete loudspeaker designed to reproduce low-frequency bass and sub-bass sounds. People use multiple subwoofers to complement their favourite car audio media while riding around in their vehicle. JL Audio offers a variety of 8-inch subwoofers that can be positioned in any enclosure easily to provide desirable sound quality for everyone in the car, truck, SUV, or another vehicle.

What 8-inch subwoofers are offered by JL Audio?

JL Audio has a number of different product lines for subwoofers. Some of these product lines do have the smaller 8-inch subwoofers available. Some of the different options available include:

  • 8W7AE-3: This subwoofer is maximized for operating within a 0.875-cubic-foot sealed enclosure or a 1-cubic-foot ported enclosure. This device is designed for amplifiers ranging from 200 to 500 watts. This JL Audio subwoofer has a continuous power handling of 500 watts, and it made using proprietary technologies.
  • 8W3v3-4: This device is designed to fit in smaller 0.3-cubic-foot sealed enclosures or 0.35-cubic-foot ported enclosures. This subwoofer is desirably used on amplifier power ranging from 75 to 250 watts. The nominal impedance for this subwoofer is four ohms.
  • 8W1v3-4: This device is designed to fit in places most 8-inch subwoofers would not. It's maximized for operating in 0.35 sealed enclosures. The most suitable use for this subwoofer is with amplifier ranging from 50 to 150 watts.
How do these JL Audio subwoofers differ from one another?

The 8W1v3 is designed to operate in tight spaces on a moderate amount of amplifier power. This subwoofer is built with a compact motor structure and a more shallow mounting depth. The pole vent is also removed, allowing this compact subwoofer to fit in spaces most others would not.

The 8W3v3 is built with the same patented technologies as larger diameter subwoofers, enabling it to produce 0.375 inches of one-way, controlled, linear excursion. The controlled, one-way, linear excursion for the 8W7AE exceeds 0.75 inches. The 10th-anniversary edition features a number of specialized cosmetic differences that distinguish it from other models.

What factors matter when choosing a subwoofer?

The smaller 8-inch JL Audio subwoofers do not play as low as larger diameter models, but they are designed to output cleaner, tighter, and more accurate sound. The size of the subwoofer becomes even more of a factor if the vehicle's interior space is limited.

Many of the 8-inch JL Audio models are designed to be positioned in the tightest spots, even underneath a seat. You want to choose a subwoofer equipped with enough power to produce quality sound from its enclosure. Subwoofers equipped with dual-voice coils provide more options for making amplifier choices.

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