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A Guide to Juniper Networks Enterprise Switches

For those who work in IT or run their own networks in their business, you know the value of a good network switch in your enterprise. eBay has a great selection of enterprise network switches like those by Juniper whether you need something simple for your small business or something more substantial for a larger network. Finding the right Juniper switch at an affordable price for your individual needs at eBay is easy.

What is an enterprise network switch?

Network switches are small devices meant to centralize your communications across several connected devices for one local area network (LAN). If youre running a larger network or enterprise, youll need a high-performing unit which is commonly used in large corporate networks and big data centers. Enterprise network switches are sometimes called bridging or switching hubs or MAC bridges.

How do network switches work?

Enterprise network switches are a vital element at the center of many data centers and networks. They connect to access points, lights, many PCs, phones, printers, servers, and other hardware devices. Through the switches, you can send and retrieve information of all types and access shared resources on the network in a secure, efficient, and seamless manner.

Unmanaged switches are designed for simple use so that you can just plug them in and no configuration is necessary. With managed switches, you have increased security and additional features that you can configure, tailoring them to suit your network. The benefit of control in managed switches allows for better security and service quality.

What Juniper network enterprise switches are available?

eBay has a wide selection of enterprise network switches available so you can easily find the Juniper switch you need for your network at an affordable price.

  • Ports: You can find Juniper switches with the number of ports you need whether you only need four ports or you need as many as 48.
  • Ethernet technology: At eBay, youll find network switches for both Fast-Ethernet and for Gigabit-Ethernet technologies to suit your network configuration and any limits from your ISP.
  • Form factor: There are switches available to work as standalone units and other switches that are rack-mountable so they can be tucked away in your server or data room for convenience.
  • Layers: There are 2-layer and 3-layer switches available from Juniper.
  • Type: Within eBays selection youll find standard Ethernet switches along with options for Fiber Channel protocol.
Can the switch be used as a router?

While routers and switches are different, they can often be used interchangeably. While switches dont have a wide area network (WAN) port, any of the standard LAN ports can be used to connect to a modem. While you might have to use a crossover Ethernet cable for the connection to work correctly, it can work for the switch to serve as a router.

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