Kawasaki Personal Watercraft Covers

Kawasaki jet skis and other personal watercraft are built to last and will provide you many years of enjoyment with proper maintenance. Whether indoors or outdoors, properly covering your jet ski is among the most important storage steps you can take. These covers will also help protect your Kawasaki during transport from road hazards and more.

What covers are available for Kawasaki personal watercraft?

There are OEM covers available, which are made or licensed by Kawasaki. You’ll also find many products from third-party manufacturers that specialize in accessories for jet skis. There are many characteristics to choose from as well. If you store your jet ski indoors, you may want a more breathable material. If you store your personal watercraft outdoors, you’ll likely emphasize protection from water, wind, ultraviolet rays, and so on. Many covers are designed with particular Kawasaki models in mind, and you can choose from covers made for Kawasaki vehicles such as these:

  • SX-R
  • Ultra LX
  • Ultra 310R
  • Ultra 310LX
How do you choose the right size cover?

Jet ski covers made by Kawasaki and other companies are usually available in three fit categories: contoured, semi-custom, and universal. Note that some brands use their own terms. Covermate, for instance, uses the term "Ready-Fit" in place of "custom-fit."

  • Contoured (or custom-fit) covers: These are tailored to a particular model, such as the Ultra 310R. If you want a cover the fits your Kawasaki precisely, then opt for a contoured fit, and pick it out based on the model name and year.
  • Semi-custom covers: These fit a range of jet skis, such as all vehicles within the Ultra family. A semi-custom cover can be convenient when using it across a range of vehicles or installing and removing it frequently.
  • Universal covers: These fit all personal watercraft of a particular size. If you prefer an all-purpose solution, opt for a universal, and choose it based on the length, width, and height of your jet ski.
How are Kawasaki jet ski covers installed?
  1. If your cover is fitted, push out the handlebar outcroppings and mirror pockets. Position the handlebars as low as possible.
  2. Locate the cover front, which should be labeled.
  3. Next, put the cover over the front of your Ultra or other jet ski. Ensure that it’s snug.
  4. Then, drape the cover over the Kawasaki toward the rear.
  5. Finally, secure all buckles and straps beneath the hull.
What should you do to maintain Kawasaki jet ski covers?

If possible, dry the Ultra or other personal watercraft completely before securing the cover. Most manufacturers also recommend an anti-mold spray during extended periods of storage. Some covers are machine-washable. There are also commercial solutions available to wipe the covers down.