Kawasaki Motorcycles

Drive Your Cares Away on a Kawasaki Motorcycle

Kawasaki is a familiar brand name even if youve never hopped on a motorcycle in your life. The company has been manufacturing cycles since 1966 and show no signs of slowing down, continually perfecting their designs and adding more features and options for riders. Whatever your preference, eBay has a wide selection of Kawasaki motorcycles to choose from, ranging in styles and conditions from new to used to certified pre-owned.

Motorcycle Types to Select From

For beginners, its easy to take for granted that a bike is a bike, but thats simply not the case at all. Motorcycles are categorized by their features as well as how and where you plan to ride them, so brushing up on some basic bike types can ease your shopping frustrations.

  • One umbrella category of Kawasaki vehicles is the touring option. A touring motorcycle is a dual-purpose, versatile vehicle you can take out on paved roads or go off-roading with. There are sport touring options and sport bikes that are touring cycles that are amped up for speed and power and meant more for paved surfaces.
  • Likely the most classic type of bike and considered the standard among motorcycle enthusiasts are cruisers. Cruisers are comfortable and laid-back, have signature wide handlebars and have been around for decades. These Kawasaki models are popular with riders for a reason, and the company continues to improve upon the original design.
  • The term naked motorcycle may sound funny, but what it really means is that its a stripped-down bike without the fancy exterior parts, like fairings, that some vehicles have. Theyre bare bones, but still powerful. You can see their engines and insides, which gives them a cool look, too.
What Are Some Features of Kawasaki Bikes?

Kawasaki has mastered the marriage of aesthetics, safety, comfort, and fun in their numerous bike models. No matter how or where you ride, there are features built-in to make your trip more exciting and comfortable.

  • An ABS, or Anti-Lock Braking System, ensures your brakes dont lock up on you while youre on the road. This is essential for a riders safety and a feature to definitely keep in mind.
  • Newer models offer digital displays that make it easy to read when you have your helmet on, so you know exactly whats going on with your bike and how fast youre going. You can also operate your controls for entertainment with light-up displays that are bright for nighttime riding.
  • Digital fuel injection gives you the power and performance you need for all types of riding.
Kawasaki Models to Consider

There are old and new models to browse, and you may like the look of a vintage motorcycle or would rather show off a brand new, fully loaded bike. In any case, there are numerous choices.

  • The Kawasaki Ninja is one of the companys signature bikes. Lightweight but powerful, the fully loaded 2018 Ninja sport bike is an option.The Versys works well for long-distance riding, traveling, or commuting. Check out the Teryx if youre interested in more of an ATV vehicle.
  • Consider the Kawasaki Vulcan. The Vulcan is a street bike, and offers many colorways, such as lime green and royal blue. With ABS brakes and powerful engines, these are beasts on the street.
  • The KLR and the KLX are dual-purpose bikes you can use for on or off-road riding. KX Kawasaki cycles are built a bit smaller-framed for kids or petite riders, such as a stripped-down 1975 vintage two-wheeler. For dirt bike and motocross riders, the KDX is perfect, and a retro and fun bike to ride. Select a KXF for a motocross design with a liquid-cooled engine.

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