Kids' Personal CD Players

Children love music and having a personal CD player is a great way to expand childrens music collection. Empower your kids to take control of their own entertainment with kids' CD players. You can find players for kids that mimic those designed for adults.

How do kids CD players cater specifically toward children?

While each manufacturer has its own idea of what constitutes a childrens portable entertainment device, typically the kids version has simplified options. They may also include programmable features for parents, such as limiting the radio stations a child can hear.

Many CD players offer colour designs or are emblazoned with popular animated characters. Design examples include the Disney princesses, Dora the Explorer, or Spiderman. You can also find compact disc players in retro designs resembling a boombox, jukebox, or antique radio.

What are the features of a childs portable CD player?

Besides the obvious ability to play a CD, you can find many fun and interesting options on portable CD players. A plug for headphones is key so that your little ones can listen to their music without disturbing others. Karaoke machine elements are fun as it gives young ones a chance to practice their own singing. Additional features include:

  • MP3 player capability
  • Microphones
  • Radio
  • Built-in speakers or standalone speakers
  • Rechargeable batteries

Why buy a kids CD player?

Children can always listen to the music adults are listening to, but owning a player for their favourite CD has many advantages, such as:

  • Children like to mimic the adults in their lives as well as the people they see on TV. A stereo of their own allows them to use their imagination.
  • Adults do not always want to hear the same songs children do, especially since children tend to listen to the same music repeatedly.
  • Music encourages young people to sing. It also enhances their verbal skills, math skills, and their creative skills.
  • Listening to a CD as opposed to a radio gives adults more control over what their kids hear.
  • Depending on the stereo, it may last a young adult through his/her teen years.
  • You can only buy young people so many toys. A CD player is an alternative to something else for the toy box.
  • A CD is a much appreciated stocking stuffer.

Does a child need supervision when using a CD device?

How much supervision is needed depends on the age of the child. Here are some common concerns for unsupervised usage, particularly with the very young.

  • Unrestricted headphone use can lead to hearing damage.
  • Young people like to experiment by putting the wrong item into the player, such as food.