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Kubota Diesel Industrial Generators

Questions About Kubota Diesel Powered Industrial Generators

Since 1976, Kubota has been manufacturing generator engines. Their focus is in making compact engines that run on diesel fuel and are eco-friendly, safe, and cost-efficient to produce. Kubota generators are considered one of the leading brands in the field and there are many different new and used models available on eBay.

What are some of key features of Kubota diesel generators?

The GL Series is Kubotas main line of generators produced in America. There are five models in production that vary in size and power output to fit the needs of many job sites. Every generator features a vertical four-cycle liquid cooled diesel motor with 2 cylinders on the 7000 series and 3 cylinders for the 11000 and 14000 series. Here are some more important features.

  • Small Size: All Kubota generators have a design that keeps them as compact as possible while delivering maximum output. The motors effective cooling and coupling system design gives the generators a sleek look and a size that can be fit into compact spaces.
  • Low Emissions: Low emissions are one of the priorities for Kubota generators and they are all EPA Tier 4 compliant.
  • Simple Maintenance: Performing maintenance on these generators is simple with a large easy-to-access removable panel and fluid drain extenders.
  • Multiple Power Outpouts: The 14000 series features both receptacles and terminals making it easy to power anything from a circular saw to an entire building.
What safety features do these generators have?
  • Automatic Shutoff: Kicks in the moment oil or coolant fluid drops below safe operating levels to prevent engine damage.
  • Starter Safety Relay: Keeps the starter from being engaged while the engine is running.
  • Terminal Covers: Designed to shut down operation the moment they are removed.
  • Double Circuit Protectors: Will shut the generator off if an overload or short is detected.
  • Operator-Friendly Lift Points: Located on the top and bottom; makes for easy transportation and less risk of injury.
What are some tips for generator maintenance?
  1. Change the oil regularly. The first change should come after 30 hours of use then once every 100 hours for the life of the generator.
  2. Replace spark plugs and air filter after every 200 hours of use.
  3. Drain fuel when not in use for extended periods of time.
  4. Check the battery charge before each use.
  5. Periodically start up generator once every 30 days when not in regular use. Let it run until the motor has warmed up.
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