Information You Need to Know About Choosing an LG Power Supply Board

LG Corporation, formerly known as Lucky-Gold Star, is a large international manufacturer based in Seoul, South Korea. The company makes a variety of different televisions including 4K OLED TVs, Smart TVs, and LED televisions. If your TV does not turn on when expected, lacks a picture, or turns on for a brief period, then shuts off, it may require a new power supply board.

How do you choose the right LG power supply board?

The information you need to ensure you are choosing the right part for your TV is located on the back of the set and inside the TV, and will include:

  • LG television model, which is printed on the ID plate on the back of the case.
  • TV serial number, which is printed on the ID plate.
  • Power supply part number, which will be located on the power supply board.
  • Part numbers may be printed directly on the board or on a barcode label which is adhered to the board.
How do you tell if the power supply needs replacement?

A number of different signs of power supply problems may occur, including:

  • Failure of the TV to turn on at all.
  • LED lights may flash, but the TV has no picture or sound.
  • The TV may have sound but will show no picture.
  • The picture will flash intermittently before the TV goes black.
How is the LG power supply board replaced?

The TV power supply board in your Smart, LCD, or other TV set may be replaced as a modular unit. Ensure you have unplugged the television before opening the case to access the interior chassis. After you have located the power supply board, firmly but gently grasp the ribbon connectors and disconnect them. Disconnect wire bundles that connect the power supply to other operating parts of your LG TV. Unscrew the power supply board and unseat it from the chassis. Replace it with the new power supply board you have selected.

Will a Zenith power supply board work for LG TVs?

LG makes parts for Zenith and LG TVs. The company licenses the Zenith brand. If your Zenith LED or other TV is one of the models that is licensed by LG, the power supply board from it may work in your LG TV. An LG power supply board will also work in the equivalent Zenith television. You may find some power supply boards that are identified as working for Zenith and LG televisions.

Should all specifications match for an LG power supply replacement?

LG has manufactured dozens of different types of LED and Smart TV models. Internal components for each of these televisions will differ depending on the size of the screen, type of screen, and many other factors. Owners are advised to check every specification of replacement power supply unit before replacement.

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