Speed up Your Computer With a Core i5 3rd Gen LGA 1155 Computer Processor

Whether you're casually browsing the internet or hard at work using the latest graphic design software, your desktop computer setup makes use of its processor from the time it's powered on until it's powered off. With Intel Core i5 third-generation LGA 1155 computer processors, you can meet the demands of resource-intensive computing.

What should you look for when selecting a processor?

As the main component of the technological brain that makes up your computer, the right processor for your setup is an important part of any laptop or desktop computer. Factors to note include:

  • Compatibility: Your motherboard will be compatible with a range of processors. This is largely based on the type of socket found on the motherboard itself. The LGA 1155 socket is made for third-generation Intel Core processors. You'll want to make sure the land grid array (LGA) socket type on your CPU matches the LGA socket on your motherboard.
  • Speed and core count: The raw speed of your processor is measured in gigahertz (GHz). The higher the number, the more calculations per second your device's central processing unit (CPU) is capable of. Many processors also have more than one core. These are sometimes a mix of logical and physical cores. The more cores you have, the more efficient your processor will be at processing information.
  • Integrated graphics: Most processors have some form of integrated graphics built into the chip itself. If you have your own discrete graphics card selected, or plan to add one, you may not need to worry about your chip's integrated graphics.
What is an Intel Core processor?

The Intel Core i5 processors are almost exclusively quad-core processors with four physical cores. They are available in a variety of speeds and cache sizes. Your processor is the heart and soul of your computer, doing the majority of the heavy lifting when handling computing tasks. There have been many generations of Intel i5 processors, and each one may utilize a different LGA socket to attach to your motherboard.

What is Ivy Bridge?

Ivy Bridge is the code name for the third generation of Intel Core processors. This family includes the i3, i5, and i7 line of processors as well as several chips focused on commercial server and workstation computing. The Ivy Bridge architecture introduced expanded computing capabilities to the Intel Core line and expanded the compatible RAM speeds available for the chip. It also featured Intel high-definition graphics integrated with the chip itself and had L2 caches ranging from 2 MB all the way up to 15 MB.

What is Intel Core Turbo Boost?

Intel Turbo Boost technology is a feature found on many Intel processors. It automatically raises CPU frequency when the processor is under load, increasing the speed of each core in increments as required by the current task. In this way, Intel processors are able to reach turbo clock speeds for short periods of time when needed. This has the positive side effect of letting the processor consume less power when not under load.

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