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Selecting LGA 775 Socket T Processors with 800 MHz Bus Speed

You can look at the CPU (central processing unit) of your computer almost as the command central for your PC, and an LGA775 is a processor socket that attaches directly to the motherboard to help to increase your computer's performance.

What Is an LGA 775 CPU?

An LGA 775 is a type of processor socket manufactured by Intel and that's compatible with desktop models. To choose one for your machine, it can be helpful to be familiar with a few more facts about this type of socket first.

  • The difference between the LGA775 and the previous socket, the 478 model, is that it was redesigned. Instead of holes, there are pins that make contact with the actual motherboard, with the 775 getting its name from the fact that it includes 775 pins. It's also slightly larger than its predecessor.
  • This specific model supports processors made by Pentium along with Intel Core models, like the Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad.
  • Intel Core CPUs that can use this socket should have between 1.8 to 3.8 GHz of power.

What Is Bus Speed?

You'll notice when you look at these sockets that the bus speed is 800 MHz, but what does this mean specifically? Is bus speed an important feature?

  • Though bus speed refers to how fast information travels through your device's motherboard, an individual bus is one single circuit.
  • Buses are connected, and these circuits are how data travels through your motherboard. These are FSB (or front side bus), which is the most common type.
  • Since bus speed can have a powerful impact on how your machine operates, it's important to select a high bus speed for maximum efficiency and performance. To that end, an 800 MHz speed is considered fast enough to carry out the required tasks and more that your machine must complete.

Which Processors Can You Buy LGA 775 Sockets For?

After learning more about Intel socket LGA, you can purchase the right one for your CPU when you know which models the LGA 775 motherboard is compatible with. When you have one of these processors, you can update your socket with an LGA 775 or socket T design.

  • An Intel Pentium dual-core E2200 model works with an LGA 775 CPU as long as the MHz is compatible. This specific one offers 2.20 GHz, which falls into the acceptable range.
  • Model Q9550, a Pentium Quad 2 quad-core option, is compatible with this socket as well and runs at 2.83 GHz.
  • Another option is the Intel Xeon, such as the X3220 dual-core Xeon model that runs at 2.40 GHz of power.

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