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Lalique Art Glass

Lalique crystal glass is hand made by French glass artist Rene Lalique. These pieces have the signature of Rene Lalique on or near the bottom or the back of the item. Created in the French Art Nouveau style of craftsmanship, each crystal or glass item is designed to be both artistic and functional.

What are the types of Lalique art glass?
  • Figurine: Rene Lalique figures are typically made to stand upright on a flat surface. They feature a flat bottom. Their measurements range from about 8 inches to more than 18 inches tall. The Lalique figures come in colours that include clear crystal, blue, green, black, gold, and yellow. The Lalique figurines have a range of themes, such as nude women and cats.
  • Bowl: Crystal bowls made by Rene Lalique have a rich texture on the outside of the crystal and a smooth inside surface. They often have decorative crystal elements attached to the outside of the bowl, such as swirls, birds, or fish. The Rene Lalique bowls are available in clear crystal, blue, green, gold, and red.
  • Vase: Lalique crystal is also available in the form of a vase. The Lalique vases range in size from 2.25 to more than 8 inches tall. Their openings range in size from 1 to 3 inches in diameter. The vases are available in contemporary, antique, and vintage designs.
  • Wearable: Lalique crystal is also available as decorative items to wear. These Lalique jewellery options include crystal brooches and necklaces. The Rene Lalique jewellery brooches come with a pin attached to the back for wearing. The Lalique necklaces are made in the style of a pendant. These art jewellery items by Rene Lalique slide on a chain and have a sterling silver clasp attached.
What are the themes of Lalique art glass pieces?
  • Animals: Animals such as birds and fish are the theme of many collections of Rene Lalique glass. This theme also includes butterflies, sting rays, grasshoppers, and cats.
  • Nude women: The Rene Lalique collection includes crystal figurines of nude women. This collection of Lalique crystal includes nudes in a variety of positions, such as lovers holding each other and lone nude women in a seated pose.
  • Flower: The flower theme is used in French Lalique crystal vases, bowls, perfume bottles, and jewellery. Flowers such as daisies, lotus leaves, orchids, and tulips are available in different Lalique collections.
How do you choose a piece of Lalique art glass?
  • Select a style: Choose French Lalique crystal jewellery, vases, perfume bottles, glass bowls, or figurines.
  • Select a colour: Select clear crystal or a colour such as red, blue, green, gold, black, or yellow. There are also Rene Lalique pieces made of etched glass. These have an opaque finish to the colour.
  • Select a theme: Choose from nude people, animals, flowers, hearts for Rene Lalique crystal collections.
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