Laptop Replacement Keyboards

Laptop Replacement Keyboards

Sometimes, it is necessary to replace your laptop keyboard. Keyboards take the most abuse outside of the computer's casing, making them a common replacement part. Whether you have an Apple, Lenovo, Dell, Chromebook, or gaming laptop, replacement keyboards are available for your specific brand.

What is an island-style keyboard on a laptop?

This style is often called a Chiclet keyboard due to their resemblance to chewing gum by the same name. But, they are also referred to as island-style because the keys are raised above the surface of the PC's casing once installed from beneath. This style prevents dust and debris from finding its way into the device's circuits and to the Intel processor and other components.

What is the shift key on a laptop?

The shift on a laptop keyboard modifies the letters and characters. Holding down shift and typing a letter will allow you to make the letter uppercase. However, holding down shift and pressing a number or special character will enter the character listed on the key above the number or character. These characters vary from one laptop keyboard to the next.

Can you replace a keyboard on a laptop?

Yes, you can. You will need to know the make and series of your computer and choose the correct one. This is important because Lenovo, ASUS, Dell, HP, and MacBooks all use different hardware and configurations.

How do you connect a keyboard to a laptop?

A laptop keyboard is connected to your the motherboard using a data cable. These cables are thin and can be fragile. When you begin removing the casing of machine, be aware that these cables will be attached. You do not want to damage your speakers, touchpad, and other components.

The manufacturer of your device, whether it is a Chromebook or MacBook, may offer repair instructions for your PC on their company website. Look for instructions for your specific device. Make note of your Intel processor and operating system, such as Windows 10, as these will help you find the correct documentation. Other series from the same company may have different instructions. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to complete the installation of your replacement keyboard.

Do you have alternative options?

Yes. You can purchase an external keyboard for your gaming laptop or PC. These connect to your device using either a wired USB or wireless Bluetooth connection. You simply connect a Bluetooth device by pairing it to your PC and most USB devices are plug-and-play, meaning the software will be installed once it is plugged into a USB port.

If you decide to go the wireless route, keep in mind that you will need to charge your new external component from time to time. When choosing a Bluetooth model, consider battery life and your needs. If the battery life is not sufficient for your use, look for a model that is or go with a wired USB connection.