Lawn Mowers, Parts, and Accessories

Grass can be nice to look at and helps impart fresh oxygen to the air around us. Unfortunately, grass that gets too long can be not only unsightly but harbor parasitic bugs that can cause damage to other plants and leave painful, itchy bites on you and your family. There are an abundance of different kinds of lawn mowers and parts available to help you keep your grass under control.

What are the different types of lawn mowers?

There are various types available, suited to different lawns based on the amount of grass to be mown, the physical capabilities of the user, and the simplicity of the job. Here are some examples:

  • Manual: A manual unit has no power, requires no fuel, and very little maintenance. It is simply a cylinder made of sharp blades on wheels with a handle. You push it along the grass, and the wheels rotate the blades to cut the grass as it moves.
  • Push: A push mower is one that you physically push around the yard. They have either a gas or electric motor. There are a lot of options among these, including the power source, the size of the cutting path, and the option of being self-propelled which requires less physical exertion to move the mower.
  • Riding: A ride-on lawn mower is great for large areas that are too large to mow with a push mower or for those who have physical disabilities that prevent them from pushing a heavy mower. You can also find riding units with a 360-degree turning radius which makes them easy to maneuver around obstacles in the yard such as trees or lawn ornaments.
What kinds of parts are available?

There are various replacement parts available for your mower. Be sure to check that the part or accessory will fit your brand of mower. (ex: Honda, Craftsman, Briggs and Stratton, etc.) Here are some examples of parts and accessories that are available:

  • Seat: If you don't like the seat that came installed on your mower, you can find replacement seats. Some of these are more heavily cushioned than the standard options or swivel in place to make it easier to get on and off.
  • Cupholders and saddle bags: Some people like to have a cold beverage on hand while mowing on a hot day or a place to hold snacks, keys, or tools. You can find cup holders or saddle bags to hold everything you need while you're mowing.
  • Carburetor: The carburetor uses air and fuel to be used for combustion in a gas engine.
  • Spark plugs: It's always a good idea to keep some spare spark plugs around for quick replacement.