Lift Kits & Parts for Ford Ranger

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Ford Ranger Lift Kits and Parts

Ford Rangers are available in 4X4 configurations, making them useful for off-road duties. Lift kits and parts are commonly added to Ford Rangers to provide more ground clearance for off-road fun. With a variety of lift kit options and components available, there is an option to suit everyone’s needs.

What is the purpose of lift kits for a Ranger?

Raising your trucks height serves a few different purposes. It provides better ground clearance for your Ranger. This raised height is useful for driving off-road and over rough terrain as it allows you to get up and over rocks, logs, debris, and whatever else is in your way. Installing a lift kit also allows you to use bigger tires. Larger tires give you better traction. Bigger tires are helpful when driving through snow, sand, mud, or on wet, slippery roads. They also add to the effectiveness of your vehicles off-road performance. Some truck owners just like the aggressive look of their truck sitting higher and sporting massive tires.

What are the different types of lift kits?

Lift kits come in a variety of different styles for different purposes. There are kits to raise your suspension for better ground clearance. These work well for driving over rough terrain. Some kits raise the body higher but do not alter your shocks or the ground clearance. These can be useful when you merely want bigger tires on your vehicle. Lifts come in small, medium, or large sizes. The small ones raise the height by only 1-2 inches. Medium kits are for getting 2-3 inches higher than the Ford factory clearance. Large lift kits raise the vehicle by 3 inches or more.

What should you consider when looking at lift kits?

You must start by deciding what you need your Ranger truck to do. You will need to decide on getting a small, medium, or large kit, depending on how much ground clearance you want to add. If you only wish to use large tires, then you may select a body lift kit instead of raising your suspension. Many body lift kits bolt on easily.

What is the difference between lift kits and leveling kits?

Both kit types are designed to raise the Ford Ranger height. A leveling kit uses parts to lift your front end only. The front elevation is increased to match the clearance of the rear end, which is always higher. This increase is usually about 1-2 inches. You can then leave both ends level or add some leeway in the rear as well. This clearance is added with spacer blocks on the rear suspension at the leaf shocks. Lift kits can raise your Ranger much higher than a leveling kit can.